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If women are judged by appearance along with expectations and projections on to what that appearance should be, photography must necessarily serve to consciously demythologize gender representations by providing matter of fact illustrations.
But Canadian researchers, scholars and writers alike have been working for years to address this by publishing a range of books that seek to demythologize this history.
Nuland claimed he wrote the book "to demythologize the process of dying .
In ten concise chapters, DiLorenzo attempts to demythologize Lincoln's reputation as the humanitarian benefactor of the slaves and the judicious statesman who preserved, protected, and defended the Union and the Constitution in their hour of greatest crisis.
The leakers were also giving us an inside look at a process that helped demythologize the church, and diminish curial power as a result.
One approach usually attempted from a Western perspective seeks to demythologize the respective histories through scientifically verifiable processes and acceptable research methods, in an attempt to find common ground.
From this moment we hear words and phrases of a new generation: Bonhoeffer's "religionless Christianity," Bultmann's call to demythologize the scriptures, Tillich's God as the "Ground of All Being," Robinson's Honest to God and a call for "worldly holiness," and even a Death of God theology.
Beyond that, the counselors consider it important to dedramatize and demythologize the experience.
As a preliminary to stating and defending his positive theory, the opening chapters offer criticisms of varieties of empiricism on a priori knowledge: of Moderate Empiricism--which allows for the a priori but attempts to demythologize it by grounding it in analyticity--and of Radical, that is, Quinian Empiricism--which denies or rather takes a skeptical stance towards the a priori.
To demythologize love and defetishize form is not to eradicate either but to situate both, relationally, within the truths of history.
It is seen as a task of today's political historians to demythologize the history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Another essay addresses this question by discussing Israel's "new historians," who are working to demythologize Israel's history and eliminate the propaganda, chauvinism and bias in its historiography that have discouraged peace with the Arabs and normalization of Israeli civic life.
IT HAS PERHAPS BECOME de riguer to utter "Irish" and "identity" in the same breath, as the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries have erupted with literature, visual art, histories, memoirs, music, and literary criticism seeking to define, re-define, and demythologize what "Irish" means and who is entitled to claim that appellation.
He considers the neo-evangelical ferments, the inerrancy of some assertions, an infallible central message, authority as authorization in a pluriform canon, whether evangelicals demythologize, and the canon outside the canon.
15) and "Such investigations, while they serve to demythologize him, only deepen our sense of love and of awe at the magnitude of what he achieved" (p.