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Janich's attempt to demythologize information, however, is less convincing--at least for those with sufficient appetite for epistemological risk to make, debate, or accept ontological claims.
I propose that we demythologize public safety, and its advocating aura of "keeping order." The public security programs in Brazil in particular are the continuity of control and intimidation of black and poor bodies, of curtailment and confinement in precarious and equally criminalized territories.
'' 'Lonesome Dove' was an effort to kind of demythologize the myth of the Old West, but it kind of came to people won't let you.
One option, which has been adopted by a majority of exegetes in the modern and postmodern era, is to demythologize Luke's first-century worldview.
But Canadian researchers, scholars and writers alike have been working for years to address this by publishing a range of books that seek to demythologize this history.
To demythologize the account advertised by the Jehovah's Witnesses and their organization, he repeats assertions made in earlier--though hardly accessible--publications from the late 1980s: in order to prevent a total ban by the Hitler regime in 1933, the WBTS attempted to compromise with the Nazis and used anti-semitic language to obtain that goal.
Others showed how literature and film had been mobilized by its critics to demythologize war and to wage, in their own way, peace.
Sometimes, Anglo-Irish thinkers like Foster find themselves having to demythologize the myths of precursors like Yeats, as political fortunes change.
The leakers were also giving us an inside look at a process that helped demythologize the church, and diminish curial power as a result.
One approach usually attempted from a Western perspective seeks to demythologize the respective histories through scientifically verifiable processes and acceptable research methods, in an attempt to find common ground.
From this moment we hear words and phrases of a new generation: Bonhoeffer's "religionless Christianity," Bultmann's call to demythologize the scriptures, Tillich's God as the "Ground of All Being," Robinson's Honest to God and a call for "worldly holiness," and even a Death of God theology.
On a general level, Melnick's beautifully written and often humorous polemic is an attempt to demythologize or interrogate--to use his terms--the "popular rhetorical formation" of "'Black-Jewish relations."' This rhetorical formation, which the author states cogently, "has privileged racial-historical analogy over class disparity," is "a romantic tale told about the relative unimportance of class status in melting pot America" (p.
Beyond that, the counselors consider it important to dedramatize and demythologize the experience.
He will be a difficult person for historians to demythologize. My recent visit to South Africa showed me that South Africans of every stripe view him as something beyond a mere mortal.
As a preliminary to stating and defending his positive theory, the opening chapters offer criticisms of varieties of empiricism on a priori knowledge: of Moderate Empiricism--which allows for the a priori but attempts to demythologize it by grounding it in analyticity--and of Radical, that is, Quinian Empiricism--which denies or rather takes a skeptical stance towards the a priori.