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the restatement of a message (as a religious one) in rational terms

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The western seeker as the subject distances oneself as he "thinks on the thought-of," thereby creating an axiom of a conflict between the self and its Other, between the individual and nature, between the "here" and the "beyond." Therefore we may posit that, if myth formation begins with the individual, demythologization begins at the exact same place.
"To describe this event we use various words which all come down to the same thing: secularization, demythologization, disenchantment, neutralization" (ibid.
She understands myth to be a body of traditional stories distinct from other fictions, and maintains that Lucretius makes use of myth in support of Epicurean demythologization: 'The mythological passage sin the DRN thus act a powerful polemical and didactic tool: at one and the same time, Lucretius is able to dispose of rival theories of myth satisfactorily by substituting his own account of its origins and nature; and to use myth didactically to illustrate his own argumentation' (230).
As a philosopher Habermass has described his approach as a methodological atheism, by which he means a kind of experiment in radical demythologization whose outcome remains open.
Nonetheless the initial paralysis remains a crux for Hartman, and his reading of it crystallizes impasses that recur throughout his oeuvre: the inhuman costs of humanization and demythologization as the most recalcitrant of myths.
Granted, there are clearly vital differences between the two thinkers; it's difficult to imagine Kierkegaard enthused about Bultmann's programme of demythologization, for instance.
While such demythologization is perfectly valid, even necessary, to constructing modern forms of Buddhism, and while an intuition of such effects may well have provided inspiration for the original mythology, the interest here is in the mythology itself.
In addition to the axiom of segregating communication, of informing in relation to the object (message), it may be stated as an axiom a Magoroh Maruyama's contribution to the demythologization of information.
Dewald rightly considers the proemial (and later Helen-centered) stories of wife-stealing as demythologization, debunking the deluded and parochial self-serving versions of the logioi (cf.
The present analysis of Yeats's works contributes to the demythologization of sexual equality in early 20th century Ireland.
Both poles of the dialectic contain themes of sin, redemption, and warning, he writes, and "both draw sustenance from the other by participating in an ongoing dialectic of idealization and demythologization."--Weaver-Zercher, Amish in the American Imagination (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001), 185.