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On the documentary, Ewan said: "I hope it demythologises the kind of people you would perceive as using a food bank.
It also successfully demythologises the road and sees it as a human construct rather than the lucky confluence of nature and the work of planners.
It was fascinating to read the series of articles in the January T&CP discussing the GLA Report A City of Villages, not least for the comments of the planning officer for the suburb where I grew up (although it had another name then) that the research 'both endorses the issue and, in a way, debunks and demythologises it'.
What is most impressive about the City of Villages research is that it both endorses the issue and, in away, debunks and demythologises it.
The City of Villages report endorses the crisis developing in the suburbs, but also debunks and demythologises it, says Paul Clark