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make less mysterious or remove the mystery from


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Their customers may be the biggest beneficiaries: Only a dyslexic would volunteer to engage in a daily battle to demystify complex issues and find a way to build a business by making things simpler for the world.
We can demystify the criminal justice system for the public, making it a more approachable, open and understandable.
Apparently there is some confusion about what eldercare services are, so let's demystify.
If banks are to widen the appeal of online services and migrate them into more mainstream households, Dataquest says they must demystify the entire online process while allaying fears of paying bills online.
The difference between the two ballets lies in Balanchine's willingness to respect the mysticism -- perhaps even the divinity -- of that moment, while Preljocaj prefers to demystify it.
The text also gives detailed advice that serves to demystify the bankruptcy process.
Delegates, who may attend the one day summit or the entire 3-day event, will benefit from robust debate that will attempt to demystify SaaS which together with SOA and Web 2.
This is a great book that is sure to demystify tofu.
The library is placed on one side, separated only by a glazed screen to demystify its presence, with offices on the other side.
April Reynolds's debut novel, Knee-Deep in Wonder, outlines a young woman's quest for the missing pieces that could help her demystify the puzzle of her family's history.
Simultaneous recordings of the Crab pulsar's visible light, shown in these images to the right of another star, and its radio emissions may demystify the phenomenon.
Digital video expert Michael Rubin wants to empower others to tell stories via video and demystify filmmaking so anyone can create short movies in just a few hours.
It is one of Albert Oehlen's aims to demystify the process of painting.
In "A Writer's Coach: An Editor's Guide To Words That Work", Jack Hart draws upon his more than 30 years of experience and expertise to demystify the writing process and methodically present every step (and misstep) in the processes involved with putting down thoughts and information into print.
These technologies, which significantly accelerate and demystify the entire real estate transaction process, will be available to CIS clients through LandIT.