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make less mysterious or remove the mystery from


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The theory is significant because it allows a number of system problems involving mixers and frequency conversion to be solved analytically and because it demystifies this rather esoteric subject.
Consisting of essays by nine experts in taxation, economics, and public policy, and law, Tax Justice: The Ongoing Debate assesses recent reform proposals, scrutinizes measures of inequality, demystifies the flat tax, examines the role of property taxes in local finance, addresses equity concerns, evaluates tax justice in the states, and provides useful case studies.
This chapter presents a step-by-step approach to the use of all pedals that demystifies this area.
She demystifies stock markets and mutual funds, and provides valuable advice on researching securities, conducting technical and fundamental analysis, and investing online.
Hiring, Managing and Keeping the Best, the newest addition to the popular SOHO Solutions Series from McGraw-Hill Ryerson, demystifies the entire hiring, firing and managing process.
More than simple prolificacy, quantity here appears as one of the ways Richter "demystifies" painting, impairing our faith in the uniqueness of any single work.
Written by online safety experts Larry Magid and Anne Collier, this book demystifies MySpace for adults and provides simple, step-by-step instructions on how to use it and its safety features.
With characteristic rigor, chutzpah, and humor, Tharp demystifies every step of the creative process.
"Having the [gender-blind] bathrooms demystifies tensions around gender is sues and demystifies the opposite sex," adds Ryan Jones, a coordinator for residential education at the University of California at Santa Cruz, which also has some gender-blind bathrooms.
Lateefah Fleming, whose experience with HBO New York and with marketing for Wesley Snipes' online company makes her the perfect insider to report on how our favorite books get to film, ably demystifies the book-to-screen process.
Throughout her prose and poetry, Labe demystifies erotic idolatry and, linking desire and power, she gives woman a unique and vibrant voice: creative on the literary stage and recognized and revered in society.
This well-written book demystifies the bread-making process.