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make less mysterious or remove the mystery from


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The surprise of this collection of work by lesbian and gay critics is that readers who have so much reason to be suspicious of culturally sanctioned fictional texts should, in the event, rely so little on the protocols of exposure or demystification. Instead, what there is most to learn here is the many ways in which readers succeed in extracting sustenance from the objects of a culture whose avowed desire has been not to sustain them.
What contemporary Russia is going through under the leadership of Putin is a further demystification of Marxist ideology on the lines of a Stalinist paranoia.
"Whenever I meet a lesbian and I tell them I'm trans and I like girls, it's always a massive shock and somehow incomprehensible to them that it's even possible." Some demystification of lesbian-identified transwomen is necessary, says Ren.
[beaucoup moins que] C'est un pas vers la demystification de la position de l'UE vis-a-vis du conflit du Sahara occidental [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il ajoute.
Vienna set out its motivations for a bill that will go before parliament as: "The permanent elimination of maintenance, promotion or dissemination of Nazi thought and demystification of the place."
It was during the reign of William and Mary (and then William alone) that Sharpe finds clear evidence of a demystification of majesty as well as a marked "decline of the court as a social, political and symbolic centre of divine monarchy" (469).
By declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, the regime of new strongman Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has put an end to what could have been a healthy process of the demystification of political Islam.
The Collar's call to realistic expectations for clergy and "demystification" of Christian ministry is also much needed in the church.
As part of this demystification of asset management, TMD has also introduced three packaged systems, aimed at specific sectors of the industry.
Manama, July 5 (BNA): The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) recently concluded its second training course on the "Demystification of the Selected AAOIFI Sharia Standards", in line with the Institute's aspirations to strengthen Bahrain's position as a regional hub for Islamic Finance.
L'oeuvre de Chahidi se donne ainsi comme une suite d'essais portes par la meme passion, essais d'une vaste entreprise de decouvertes et de demystification (au sens de devoilement).
Emilio Bejel is no stranger to demystification, whether its object is Marti or Cuban nationalism.
"Tim's Vermeer'' is a simple little documentary that, in not 90 minutes, accomplishes nothing less than the demystification of artistic genius.
Tim's Vermeer strikes a big blow for the democratisation and demystification of art.
Some days it's hard to withstand all the demystification,