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Synonyms for demur

Synonyms for demur

Synonyms for demur

(law) a formal objection to an opponent's pleadings

take exception to


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enter a demurrer

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I demur. The second article represents a radical departure, not "a somewhat different perspective" in relation to the one written by me.
A taxonomist might demur at the chalk and cheese nature of the keywords--from specific projects to the founder's biography and mug shot to ftp and email information.
Although Aristotle's laconic treatment of language in the Peri hermeneias is not explicitly acknowledged by any of the authors discussed here, it was one of the first texts in the Organon studied by every undergraduate, and, as we know from Demonet's study, his four-fold scheme (reality:: concepts :: spoken words :: written words) was the dominant model in all Renaissance discussions, one accepted without demur by Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, and most other thinkers, as several quotations and discussions here will show (e.
And while our media moguls aren't averse to showing us these homeless thousands of miles away, they demur when it comes to showing the worst of what's happening to the homeless in our own American cities.
shows how this theory, which was formulated by eminent scholars in the 1930s and which he refers to as "the emperor mystique," came to be accepted without demur and thus provided the perspective from which virtually every ancient image of Christ, and much related material as well, has subsequently been viewed.
And since we took Henry's refusal to join in the scandalmongering to be a confirmation of the rumor--if he had wanted to demur he would have spoken up--that left the field wide open for fun and games.
Although one might wish to demur with the evolutionary model such a project supposes, Moskowitz is eloquent in demonstrating the grandeur and sophistication of the tomb, commissioned by the Dominican Order from Nicola Pisano around 1264 and completed by 1267.
Dressed in a demur white lace dress, Jenner is defiant in the interview.
The Sports Illustrated cover girl looked positively demur when she arrived to the Cinema Against AIDS Gala at France's Hotel du Cap in a midnight blue and black cocktail dress, which was matched with dazzling jewellery.
There are few this side of Dan Rostenkowski who will demur. The more fruitful question is why they perform so wretchedly.
And we do nothing to help ourselves when we are asked to participate if we demur and mumble something about not wanting to be known as the Gay Guy.
Fully endorsed by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, I Want a Dog tells a familiar tale of a child yearning for a canine companion while the rest of the family demurs due to the mess and almost inevitable cooling of enthusiasm once the dog arrives.
In a revision of his doctoral dissertation at Golden Gate Baptist Seminary, Mill Valley, California, Chen (biblical studies, Union U., Jackson, Tennessee) demurs from the widespread view that the dwell ling and sanctuary in the celebration after the crossing the Red Sea refers to Solomon's temple on Mount Zion, or to the tabernacle or even the second temple.
"He gets to see three or four people he had relationships with," Page describes, "though, he doesn't get nearly as involved as I just made it sound!" The veteran also observes a younger version of himself, but Page demurs as to whether or not the man manages to find love after all these years.
Montenegro, on the other hand, is the pupil that gets demurs, caught smoking a cigarette in the schoolroom, constantly run from classes but is charming and despite the remarks, it gets a reward.