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Synonyms for demotion

the act or an instance of demoting

Antonyms for demotion

act of lowering in rank or position

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Nearly three months after that announcement, the police department served Burrus with a suggested punishment, including a 60-day suspension, a "severe" letter, involuntary transfer to patrol and demotion to lieutenant, the lawsuit states.
Burrus also wants a stay in all administrative sanctions against her, other than the demotion, pending resolution of this lawsuit, the complaint states.
Cement sales are down 15 per cent and galvanised sheets sales are down 18 per cent," said Narendra Raval, chairman of Devki, which produces both cement and steel products."The main reason is people are scared of continuing with development due to the demotions of buildings.
Mugumoini MCA Jared Akama said promotions and demotions should be fair.
Deputy County Secretary Leboo Morintat, who is also the Public Service Management chief officer, said he was not aware of the demotions.
Demotions have become increasingly common at the office, with nearly half of all human resources managers reporting that they have seen someone at their company moved to a lesser position, according to two new surveys from OfficeTeam, a Robert Half company.
Another 16 percent attributed the action to an organizational restructuring or the position being eliminated, and 6 percent said the demotion was voluntary.
(AP) -- State lawmakers want a review of open-meeting law issues raised in the November demotion of Community College of Southern Nevada president Ron Remington by regents.
Remington's demotion led to state Attorney General Brian Sandoval's filing of a lawsuit against the regents alleging several violations of the law.
The latest quarterly shake-out of falling stocks saw the demotion of computer services group Logica and chip designer ARM Holdings.
The steps of positive discipline start with a coaching and counseling session with supervisors and then move to an oral reminder, a written warning, a one-day suspension, demotion, and then termination.
One reason for the less than favorable treatment afforded demotion is a perception that demotions will result in negative attitudes and performance.
"I have stated from the outset of the fiscal year 2012 budget (process) that layoffs and demotions are the path of last resort," he said.
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The demotion of two Community College of Southern Nevada officials by Nevada university regents has spawned a lawsuit, open meetings and whistleblower complaints and demands for the release of a key 1,000-page report.
The demotions are the latest in a series of moves that have taken the Fitchburg Police Department from a 94-member-strong force several years ago, to 80 officers today.