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Synonyms for demo

give an exhibition of to an interested audience

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This new game has more heft and weight in its movements and attacks, so you'll have to get slightly used to it before trying out one of the three available missions in the "God Eater 3" demo.
AppOnboard, a mobile app demo and analytics platform for developers, announced it has now raised USD 30M in funding this year with USD 15M coming in its Series B from a group led by Breakaway Growth Fund, whose team includes Paul Heydon, seed investor in Supercell, the company said.
It is not unusual for students to generate ideas for demos based on their interests and abilities--and these demonstrations can be presented by the students themselves!
Additionally, game demos costs devs extra time and money, which they could invest directly into the development of the game itself.
- USB Mass Storage Demo (RTOS, USB, file system)reads files from a USB stick inserted into the RSK board to show the how ThreadX, FileX, and USBX work together.
"The vendor must have had a team of eight different people there, which is a lot of head count in one room for a demo. We had no idea why at least half of them were there.
We were informed that the demos would be more of a meet-and-greet.
Bands and solo artists can submit their demos of original music, in any genre.
Nevertheless, let us see what DEMOS is offering in its platform.
Furthermore, Baker's demo was graded in three weeks; grading traditional demos usually takes longer.
Same-day sales of products featured as demos at Costco can increase four-fold over the previous day, Ellis said.
The soulful singer is already developing two artists and is now inviting talented Email readers to send in their demos.
KTHV swept all but one of the demos during the evening and nightly newscasts.
IF WITCHES EXISTED, JOHN Demos would have found them.