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This will affect dramatically the morale and the level of these attacks and will demoralise his supporters.
He is doing everything to win elections and to demoralise the Opposition.
Summary: Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu) [India], Apr 2 (ANI): BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday attacked Congress for promising a review of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) in its election manifesto and accused it of attempting to demoralise armed forces personnel posted on the borders.
I want to ask the Congress chief, does he want to strengthen the armed forces or is he trying to demoralise them.
The tables demoralise teachers, damage children's education and make some so stressed when they sit the tests on which they are based that they become ill, the union said as it voted to lobby the Government to abandon the tables.
You are going on this street, I am going on this street and suddenly I come and give you a slap only to demoralise you.
He added that such statements might demoralise the morale of BJP workers.
'This negative image demoralises staff because they feel they are being used as a political football,' said Karen Jennings, the union's national officer.
Summary: Sambhal (Uttar Pradesh) [India], April 14 (ANI): Just nine days ahead of Lok Sabha polls in Sambhal parliamentary constituency, the youth of slain soldier Sudesh Kumar's Pansukha Milak village has appealed politicians to not politicise the Army as it demoralises them.
It is a gimmick which puts enormous pressure on managers and demoralises staff.