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Synonyms for demonstration

Synonyms for demonstration

Synonyms for demonstration

a show of military force or preparedness

a public display of group feelings (usually of a political nature)

proof by a process of argument or a series of proposition proving an asserted conclusion


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a visual presentation showing how something works

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Demonstrational interfaces allow the user to perform actions on concrete example objects (often using direct manipulation), though the examples represent a more general class of objects.
That explains why the believing subject remains unsatisfied and can even feel rejected and woundingly misunderstood when it hears its Erlebnis handled coarsely with the vocabulary and the argumentational and demonstrational techniques of the experimental method.
The introduction of the combination selling and demonstrational format-used by Lacalamita and in HSN's three-month-old semi-weekly cooking shows - marks HSN's move to establish a presence in the housewares arena.
Photographs and demonstrational objects that were made and used as part of the anthropometric work of Alphonse Bertillon, Cesare Lombroso, and other 19th-century scientists turn out to be visually potent in an art context; "Identity and Alterity" presents them, in fact, as models some Modern artists followed.
For cardiovascular benefits, boxaerobics instruction can't be too demonstrational. When students must sit and watch or line up and wait for a brief, one-on-one encounter with the instructor, the instructor is the only one who gets a workout.
She doesn't use demonstrational charts or discuss making birth plans.
Visitors to the site can view demonstrational videos showing the performance capabilities of the GO-2 Socket, including a few grip strength tests.
Stating the Question The names of 27 states can be spelled out using successive letters of these terms, though no state name is spelled out solidly (i.e., the state names are always interrupted by at least one other letter), for example deMONsTrAtioNAl. The names of 7 states can be spelled out using successive letters of these terms, and every letter of a state name is interrupted by at least one other letter or hyphen, for example cylInDrArtHrOsis.
Beer will support instore sales with a demonstrational video.
Another example of this approach is demonstrational interfaces [10], which infer subsequent actions from initial actions.
In-store demonstrational videos are available for the sponges, which are available immediately.
89] provided positive encouragement as well as critique feedback in thir WEST demonstrational system to help motivate users.
A demonstrational video also can be viewed at:
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