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in an obvious and provable manner

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He told the jury: "Various propositions were being asserted, have been shown to be so demonstrably without foundation that they are no longer being pursued by Mohamed al Fayed's lawyer, even if he still continues to believe in their truth in his own mind.
Taking issue with numerous demonstrably false writings about Jesus' trial that have been harmful to Christian-Jewish relations and dialogues, Jesus on Trial dissects the gospel account word by word at length, in full context of the social and political realities of the era.
Joachim Distinguished Service Award was first presented in 1994 and was established to recognize an individual for voluntary leadership and service which have significantly and demonstrably contributed to the advancement of the Association.
But it's demonstrably true that a combination of alternative energies (especially wind, solar and bio-fuels) and conservation could put us on a clean energy path.
The Conservative party and social conservatives have the right idea--the billions of dollars to be squandered on daycare should be given to parents, who are demonstrably the best caregivers for their children.
And since the key figure who orchestrated this campaign has admitted to doing so on video, this is demonstrably a case of conspiracy fact--not conspiracy "theory.
15 issue, Jason Berry once again repeats demonstrably false allegations against Legionaries of Christ founder Fr.
On same sex marriage, Bush is demonstrably against, while Kerry is rhetorically against but finds a resting place that allows him to straddle.
Jack Cole, one of the earliest practitioners of jazz dance as a theatrical form, was fond of calling it "urban folk dance," which certainly cute, even demonstrably accurate, but doesn't get us very far along the descriptive trail.
Since her tenure began nine years ago, ACC has quadrupled its staff, increased annual revenues tenfold and expanded the company's service lines demonstrably.
Quinn reads this visual evidence, in which patients are demonstrably "cured" by their return to acceptable forms of dress, hairstyle and implied social roles, with much skill and sophistication.
As the authors note, however, they have all demonstrably contributed to an artistic vision of the sublime, a sense of untouched Eden, of the "wildness" of a wilderness not quite yet invaded by American mechanization.
Then my calculations--based on the demonstrably fallacious motion that the popular vote will decide the next election--indicate that Bush and Dean will be able to spend up to $4 for each of the bare minimum 50 million votes needed to win.
The "demon lovers" of the book's title are not ultimately the witches accused of sex with demons, but the witch theorists themselves who craved accounts of demonic copulation in order to prove to themselves and others that demons were demonstrably real.
These nursing homes have demonstrably outperformed their peers on almost 200 specific quality of care and quality of life benchmakers.