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in an obvious and provable manner

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Twitter: @birminghammail Facebook: Post: Birmingham Mail, Floor 6, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, B24 9FF Knife amnesties and a programme of education for youngsters have their part to play but demonstrably this is not enough.
Pursuant to section 706 of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2003, while Venezuela has failed demonstrably, a national interest waiver under the FAA allows the continuation of U.S.
The back four are demonstrably weak especially in the centre ...
It has been far closer to a century than a "decade" that serious analysts of the American judiciary stopped thinking that "justices were like umpires, objectively presiding over the nation's legal system." After all, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said back in 1881 that the "life of the law was experience," not "logic." No serious person gave credence to John Roberts's assurances that he would be an "umpire." What is interesting is why persons seeking Senate confirmation feel it incumbent to say something so demonstrably foolish, but that is another matter.
Developer Banks went on the offensive at a public inquiry into rival Lugano's plans for hundreds of homes on the green belt at Ponteland, claiming the scheme is "a demonstrably poor choice of site" to meet local housing need and that it "does not sit well" with ongoing work to identify sites for development.
Blanchett and Huppert are demonstrably well equipped to play the parts--but not on the same stage.
Carlson also could find that the suit isn't covered by the law and allow it to proceed under the 1908 Corrupt Practices Act, which bars people from making demonstrably false statements of fact about candidates for public office.
Trevidic said such suspicion of sarin use by the regime is motivating foreign jihadists and demonstrably has lured more into Syria, the report added.
The National Union of Teachers (NUT) said it was concerned that ministers are approving free schools in communities where there is "demonstrably no need".
Almost everything David MacKay says is based on a demonstrably false assumption: that man-made carbon dioxide causes dangerous global warming ("Sustainability by numbers," PE May).
ELLIOTT COOPER yesterday submitted an appeal against what his solicitor called the "demonstrably wrong" decision to warn him off for 12 months after a BHA investigation into corruption, writes David Carr.
TORY MP Andrew Bridgen dismissed allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman as "demonstrably and provably false".
TORY MP Andrew Bridgen last night dismissed allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman as "demonstrably and provably false".
Professor Laura McAllister, who chairs Sport Wales, highlighted a number of projects that have had a demonstrably positive social impact.
Tom Porteous, UK director of Human Rights Watch, said: "This inquiry must be demonstrably independent, comprehensive and to the greatest extent possible public.