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Synonyms for demonstrable

Synonyms for demonstrable

necessarily or demonstrably true

capable of being demonstrated or proved


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The stroke does not produce bruising or broken bones, though in some cases it may have demonstrable effects, such as paralysis.
The second "money question" you must ask when processing, arranging or applying for a mortgage is whether the client has enough demonstrable positive cash flow to make timely mortgage payments.
This award recognizes outstanding leadership and exceptional service to a Local Section which has resulted in significant or demonstrable benefits to Local Section members.
He said there had been 'admitted and demonstrable lies' from the girl and she could no longer be put forward as a 'witness of truth'.
Leading the debate, Bishop of Newcastle Martin Wharton said the Synod had to make a choice between remaining with the status quo, allowing the demonstrable connection, or deregulating completely.
It must be noted that there are no significant histologic differences between lesions with and without a demonstrable central nervous system connection.
Although they admit that neuronal damage like that seen in this study may not have immediately demonstrable consequences, they are worried about the long-term effects of frequent RF EMF exposure: "We cannot exclude that after some decades of (often) daily use, a whole generation of users may suffer negative effects [including reduced brain reserve capacity], perhaps as early as middle age.
Despite a demonstrable, burning desire for community empowerment among average Angelenos, City Hall officials refuse to make neighborhood councils anything more than a symbolic joke.
These cases precluded any claim in which the policyholder suffered only economic loss and not a demonstrable, physical alteration of the property.
It owes much to Edouard Manet's portrait of Stephane Mallarme (1876; Musee d' Orsay, Paris), a work that had demonstrable impact on Sargent.
In these demonstrable sciences, conclusions can be drawn from known and true principles to their effects.
Sun and the Sun-Netscape alliance, iPlanet, have developed an Identrus testing environment to allow companies to build a customized, demonstrable proof-of-concept of the technology supporting the Identrus Four Corner Transactional Model PKI environment without incurring the cost and risk associated with testing new technology in-house.
Indeed, a federal advisory panel said recently that regular mammograms for most such women had no demonstrable value (SN: 2/22/97, p.
To break the bottleneck, Majority Leader Bob Dole and others urged an amendment that now provides an exception for demonstrable child abuse or neglect--a feature painfully absent from some state bills, which read simply: "The right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children shall not be infringed.
Recruitment incentives may be offered to a permissible recruit only if there is a demonstrable community need for the physician.