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capability of being demonstrated or logically proved

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For instance, Agarwar and Prasad (1997) found that relative advantage and result demonstrability were positively associated with acceptance on the internet.
In considering trust as determinant of behavioral intention the output quality and demonstrability of measurements of TAM2 Models were considers as major components of trust or enhancing trust.
Thus, in order to determine the post-adoption satisfaction of educators with an e-learning system we add four object-based beliefs to our model: perceived system quality, perceived compatibility, perceived result demonstrability and perceived support.
In TAM2 [10] the subjective norm, image, job relevance, and result demonstrability were found to be significant determinants of PU.
Theoretically, it is extended based on TAM and such an extension is aimed at explaining PU and Usage Intentions with respect to social influence processes (Subjective Norm, Voluntariness, and Image) and cognitive instrumental processes (Job Relevance, Output Quality, Result Demonstrability and Perceived Ease of Use).
Scientific theories, at least those that were regarded as having certainty and demonstrability, were treated as though they had achieved a status of immunity from history.
Presumably the same transparency and demonstrability will apply to any future examination of the horsemen's claims about additional costs arising from 48-hour declarations.
18) It is worth restating here that Aquinas's inquiry into the demonstrability of God's existence specifically requires that the effects of God, who is their cause, must always be inadequate revelations of his essence.
The use of computer corpora in the textual demonstrability of gradience in linguistic categories.
The study showed that intentions to use the application were influenced by perceptions of relative advantage, complexity, compatibility, and result demonstrability, but there were no significant relationships between intentions to use and perceived trialability, visibility, or voluntariness.
Rahner articulated the demonstrability of a holistic interpretive understanding writing "In the fact that man raises analytic questions about himself and opens himself to the unlimited horizons of such questioning, he has already transcended himself and every conceivable element of such an analysis or of an empirical reconstruction of himself.
After an extensive instrument development process, they arrived at a classification of seven characteristics, that included compatibility, complexity, trialability, relative advantage, result demonstrability, visibility, and image.
citation is accorded significance, then the demonstrability of a "reasonable" connection between K-9 sniffing and Court-approved roadblocks (i.
According to Sternberg (1993) giftedness means to satisfy five criteria: excellence, rarity, productivity, demonstrability and value.
The fatal flaw of the Enlightenment Project was not in science, but in an assumption held prior to science--namely, that scientific and all other knowledge must adhere to a canon of strict deductive/reductive demonstrability.