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capability of being demonstrated or logically proved

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The four cognitive instrumental determinants of perceived usefulness as per TAM2 are job relevance, output quality, result demonstrability, and perceived ease of use.
Apart from the attributes listed by Rogers, other attributes studied in several publications include ease of operation, image, cost, riskiness, visibility, voluntariness, result demonstrability and social approval (Kapoor, Dwivedi & Williams 2014b, p.
One scholar defines this requisite as the criterion of "demonstrability." (60) All the same, demonstrability is not the same as empirical verifiability.
The immediate advantage is that of demonstrability. As Elhauge points out, "even where this [disgorgement] analysis is difficult, it may well be easier to calculate the amount of illicit profits than it is to calculate the amount of harm to each victim." (224) This is doubly true in the zero-price context: although the relevant harms may be nonmonetary, defendants' profits will always be expressed in dollar terms.
The five key dependent variables that were adopted from TAM2 are (a) Subjective Norm, (b) Image, (c) Job Relevance, (d) Output Quality, and (e) Result Demonstrability. Another one dependent variable which was added by adopting industry experts' suggestion is 'Compatibility'.
He comes to the surprising conclusion that Riccioli was on balance right and Galileo wrong, at least insofar as demonstrability and current science went.
It says every theory proposed for the problem of consciousness has the same degree of demonstrability as divine intervention.
Moore and Benbasat (1991) divided observability into two constructs: result demonstrability, or "the tangibility of the results of using the innovation," and visibility, or "the extent to which the potential adopters see the innovation as being visible in the adoption context" (Liao & Lu, 2008, p.
The influence of time and task demonstrability on decision-making in computer-mediated and face-to-face groups.
Ease of use and demonstrability, feedback that the dose has been administered properly, and minimal effort to administer should be part of the overall device design.
Moore and Benbasat (1991) suggested divide "observability" into two independent constructs: 1) "visibility," an innovation can be seen by other individual; and 2) "result demonstrability," the capability to communicate the results of using a new technology with others.