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Synonyms for demonolatry

the acts or rites of worshiping devils

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Demonology Class - After showing what looks like a normal high school hallway with teenagers and lockers, a classroom is shown, but viewers need to hit the pause button to realize something is off.
In My Mother: Demonology, Acker creates a mash-up of her personal writing and Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights (1847), taking on the role of the brooding, sadistic Heathcliff, who has been abused as a child.
Others have pointed out that many rationalist philosophers and empirical scientists maintained a belief in witchcraft, and studies of Catholic demonology have been supplemented with careful consideration of popular witchcraft beliefs.
'I was "taken" into demonology. As far back as I can remember, I've been interested in the world of spirits.
The conference will also examine a "demon base" (database) of around 4,000 Ancient Egyptian demons uncovered by Dr Szpakowska and others in the Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project.
Though called a dictionary in its subtitle, Shakespeare's Demonology is in some respects more like an encyclopedia, with many longer entries that include not only definitions and examples from the plays but also extensive analytic commentary and selected references to scholarly work on each topic.
Satan the Heretic: The Birth of Demonology in the Medieval West.
Certainly, it is Muslims who loom larger in British popular demonology than any other group, including Jews.
For the many among us who find delight in the dark side, this study deals with the devil, witches, demonology, possession, exorcism, black magic, ghosts, specters, poltergeists, and werewolves.
In traditional demonology, humans are compelled, tricked or lured into corruption--or even outright possessed by demons.
And so Arthur Scargill began the journey that would make him, a dozen years later, chief imp in Tory demonology and, to a Tory Prime Minister, an enemy of the state.
In the second panel, we have an article by Janet Warren (MD and doctoral candidate, University of Birmingham, UK) exploring how chaos and chaos-complexity theory may help us better understand demonology.
Another richly illustrated Turkish manuscript is a treatise on astrology, wonders of the world, demonology, and divination made about 1582 for Ayisha Sultan, the daughter of the same Ottoman Sultan Murad III who commissioned the translation of the Aflaki life of Rumi.
In particular, Jean le Graveur's narration can provide new evidence for assessing the continuities and ruptures between radical demonology and the previous theological conceptions of the devil.