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make into a demon


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This novel speaks against abstinence-only sex education, promotes a sex-positive curriculum that does not demonize or stigmatize sex for all students (including LGBTQ+ teens), and is grounded in personal choice and mutual consent.
Human life is worthless to Hamas and other Islamist terrorist organizations and it is therefore unsurprising that they cynically use their own human sacrifices as a propaganda strategy to demonize the Jewish state as a "child murderer" in order to utilize the old blood libels.
It is a deliberate strategy designed to demonize and demoralize the Jewish state.
Such language serves to demonize rather than inform.
As is typical of its genre, the C&A Foundation uses evocative language, exaggeration, and repetition of allegations years out of date to demonize, rather than inform, in the service of enhancing the C&A brand.
Those who demonize cotton in the service of image promotion and sales growth can make statements without accountability, and thus they have every incentive to do so.
Support by the C&A Foundation for small-holder agriculture in developing countries is laudable, but there is no reason that the Foundation's annual report must demonize conventional cotton production in order to assist the small holders participating in C&A Foundation projects.
I will concede there is nothing wrong with being a gay Republican, but I swear it seems like the rule in the GOP is that you can be gay as long as you work for someone who demonizes the GLBT community.
At the same time that McLaughlin and Fred Barnes fulminated over Hillary and her strident, power-hungry friends, they also asserted that "sex stereotypes have been completely shattered" and that "the revolution is over." This highly effective combination, which demonizes feminism while asserting that it's anachronistic, has played a major role in the stunting of feminist and leftist possibilities in the United States.
The second is the way that feminism and the Left are used to further demonize and marginalize each other.
Franz Roseznweig wrote an exquisite essay on apologetics entitled, "Apologetic Thinking" (3) where he argued that authentic apologetics happens when I realize that my effort to demonize the other is my effort to secure my own identity.