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make into a demon


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May our doctors overcome this challenging time where life-saving vaccines are demonized and being used as a tool for politicking,' Garin said.
Within the conformist, anti-American culture of England at the time, the impact was enormous: the Edwardians were noticed, named, given a diminutive, and demonized. A 1953 press scandal, the Clapham Common Murder, linked Edwardians with youth, violence, and random death - the first in a sequence of what criminologist Stanley Cohen later called "moral panics."
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has, as NBC's Andrea Mitchell put it, "demonized [Milosevic] as a modern-day Hitler." Other NATO supporters have similarly penciled in a mustache on Milosevic.
We've been ignored, marginalized, demonized, dehumanized.
The reader is left wondering how the concatenation of Shakespeare, Primaudaye and Freud illuminates any one of these writers or the demonic (demonized?) women in the play, or, for that matter, her own emotional life.
Partly it's because on some big subjects, they've been proved broadly correct: Welfare reform was hugely demonized, but it seems to have worked.
As in her first novel, The Four Temperaments (2002)--which, among other things, also concerns adultery and its corrosive effects upon a marriage--McDonough here skillfully devotes each chapter to the perspective of a different character, thus clarifying each individual's motivations so that no one is demonized for his or her actions.
With no sense of their opponents' humanity, they blithely demonized innocent people.
'I am a person of their interest whose reputation has to be besmirched, demonized,' Aquino said.
It demonized Lieutenant Kelly Flinn as a scheming narcissist who manipulated the public through a calculated P.R.
He is still excessively demonized by many in the Netherlands.
In such environments, change agents are marginalized, demonized, driven to suicide, or otherwise got rid of.
Headlines describing the secret "nexus" quickly hit the front pages, while editorials demonized privatization.
Graves, a complex figure who tends to be demonized by some and lauded by others, receives a fair and balanced treatment in Hall's article.
In most plaintiffs' suits, the defendants are demonized. Here, it is difficult to demonize someone other than the terrorists.