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make into a demon


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Mwari said muguka farmers will counter anybody who will try to demonize the stimulant without substantiating their claims.
But if a media outlet receives funding to demonize the government, siyempre ayaw natin iyon [The funds from foreign governments such as grant, the government and the people are amenable to that.
However, the Healthy Choices unit in Senior Seminar puts Lacey in the limelight when she interrupts a lesson that demonizes sex and demonstrates how condoms interrupt the sharing of bodily fluids.
It is a deliberate strategy designed to demonize and demoralize the Jewish state.
As is typical of its genre, the C&A Foundation uses evocative language, exaggeration, and repetition of allegations years out of date to demonize, rather than inform, in the service of enhancing the C&A brand.
He told an audience on Sunday at a Virginia mosque that the White House is committed to a positive and productive relationship with Muslims, and that "we will not stigmatize or demonize entire communities because of the actions of a few."
People seem to demonize each other, shout each other down and gleefully circulate vicious email messages distorting the other side.
Franz Roseznweig wrote an exquisite essay on apologetics entitled, "Apologetic Thinking" (3) where he argued that authentic apologetics happens when I realize that my effort to demonize the other is my effort to secure my own identity.
As with so many issues we face, it might be unwise to marginalize and demonize people before providing them an opportunity to engage in dialogue about what it is we hope to change or address.
On page one, instead of headlines designed to vindicate Hargreaves--such as "Police Gun Instructor Made Scapegoat" or "Going Overboard With Gun Control"--the Star led off with "GUNS AND GANGS: One break-in put 30 weapons on the street and started a bloodbath" and "Fugitive in paradise." Of course, the Star remembered to demonize Hargreaves' guns as well, calling them "his dangerous stash." By the Star's description, it seemed that the guns had a mind of their own and might somehow escape and hurt someone: "Housing officials were unaware that [Hargreaves] was storing firearms near families with children."
But this salient characteristic is sometimes blithely transformed into the assumption that Americans are somehow more prone to demonize (e.g., "axis of evil" and "evil empire") than are their more sophisticated counterparts elsewhere.
The fight began when the hip-hop magazine The Source printed an article entitled "Five Reasons Bill O'Reilly Could Never Come to the Hood," in an attempt to expose "the true nature of this rightwing author." O'Reilly shot back: "We all know you can demonize your opponent when you can't win an argument.
By embracing the far left, revisionists have found themselves obliged to demonize the near right.
But it shows us that we cannot demonize "Confucianism" or even "the traditional family" as absolute barriers to Chinese women's ownership of their subjectivity.