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to represent as diabolically evil

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While we, of course, accept that some gulls' behaviour leaves a lot to be desired and can, on occasion, cause considerable alarm, we feel the demonization of these birds will not resolve matters.
Demonization of 24 million tons of conventional cotton worldwide in order to extol the virtues of less than 150,000 tons of world organic cotton largely serves the interests of C&A in creating contrast with other retailers, not the interests of small-holder cotton farmers.
But that doesn't stop the Demonization of Dearborn as an Islamic foothold in America,
Yet the first data on such demonization of Israel were already available more than 10 years ago.
Though by many accounts Rabbi Glick himself is a friendly fellow, no hater, and he couches his prayer demand as "civil rights for Jews," Temple Mount Faithful's talk is riddled with Manichaeism, paranoia, demonization, and incitement to the thrill of expulsion.
NNA - Dar el-Fatwa itinerant visitors included among others a delegation from Arsal headed by cleric Samih Ezzeddin, who described the new mufti as "the healer of hearts in agony" He also spoke about what he termed as the" demonization of Arsal by certain politicians who sided with Assad against his people without ever considering sparing the border town from tragedies of a predetermined oppression.
The demonization of carbon dioxide is just like the demonization of the poor Jews under Hitler.
By situating gang violence in the appropriate context, Levenson works to reverse much of the demonization of gang members which constantly appears in the Guatemalan and international media.
Joseph Kishore and David North in a joint article for World Socialist Web Site said that "in the newspapers and on the airwaves, the demonization of Russia is unrelenting.
The reader is left with what is essentially a thoroughgoing demonization of Stalin.
Writing in a style accessible to advanced undergraduate students and general readers as well as academics and specialists in peace and conflict studies, international relations, and political science, the author discuses the ethical conduct of war, terrorism as an uncivilized form of warfare, and the types of atrocities resulting from the demonization of enemies.
Regrettably, readers of Gwen Moritz's recent editorial ("The Dangers of Demonization," July 1) will only learn that she finds this question unworthy of serious discussion.
Pieter van der Horst: "The most effective demonization is calling the Jews aChildren of the devila and having Jesus say this himself", as written in the Gospel of John.
National Identities and Bilateral Relations: Widening Gaps in East Asia and Chinese Demonization of the United States, Stanford, Stanford University Press y Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 2012, 264 pp.
Byline: OWEN JONES Political commentator and author of Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class