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make into a demon


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But, how some of our religious leaders and people, demonise the pilgrims (Bora) who chose our country to 've their sacred festival?
Children in North Lanarkshire should be not be taught to demonise Palestinians, they should be learning how children of the same age are beaten and shot by Israeli soldiers.
Hamas denied the claim on several occasions, calling it instead a plot to demonise the group through the media.
There are far more attacks on humans by humans than by any other animal on the planet, yet there are - quite rightly - no calls to demonise and persecute the entire human race due to the actions of the few.
He said he did not want to demonise the financial sector and that bonuses were an easy target.
Andrew said: "I don't want to demonise the banking and financial sector.
A NATIONAL homeless charity has warned police in Huddersfield not to demonise beggars.
A COVENTRY city councillor has hit out at people who "demonise" young people leaving care, following the collapse of a scheme to build a YMCA residential and training centre on a city estate.
Liberal Democrat Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb will give a speech urging retailers not to "demonise" people with mental health problems by selling trick-or-treat and party outfits that mock psychiatric patients.
He will tell delegates at the Wales TUC annual conference: "Contrary to the UK Government, we will not deride and demonise our public service workforce.
Ms Hanafin told RTE's Marian Finucane Show: "They tried to demonise Brian Cowen, they tried to demonise Fianna Fail and to make those of us who were on the programme parties to that."
By all means it was fair to demonise Knox as a murderer, but whether she was a 'sexy' killer or not, was irrelevant.
Police said the plan would "demonise" youngsters and stop young firefighters and soldiers from drinking.
"What we want to get across is that it is wrong - and totally counter-productive - to demonise young people."
A BIRMINGHAM councillor has attacked Government plans calling for councils to identify suspected terror hotspots, saying the move would "demonise" sections of the community.