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Britain's car workers have been caught in the crosshairs of the government's botched handling of Brexit, mounting economic uncertainty and ministers' demonisation of diesel, which, along with the threat of a 'no deal' Brexit, is damaging consumer confidence.
He said: 'The Presidency must end the systematic demonisation of the leadership and members of the parliament;
THE average price of a used petrol car rose by almost 10 per cent during 2017, following the government's continued demonisation of diesel vehicles.
The media attention and focus on plastics has grown in intensity since the tail end of last year, when the BBC's Blue Planet II documentary was the catalyst to plastics' mainstream demonisation. The industry is steadfast in its message that marine litter is a problem that urgently needs tackling and that protecting our environment is a top priority.
The campaign says it "aims to tackle the culture of hate, demonisation and division that is poisoning our political discourse" and seeks support to persuade advertisers to pull their support of the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express newspapers.
Award-winning writer Anders Lustgarten says: "In the midst of all the toxic c**p about immigrants and spongers, this play gives a human voice to the victims of demonisation. But it also tries to understand the pressures on people who have to enforce the rules."
practices to be developed and followed universally on promoting a counter-narrative regarding terrorism/violent extremism, delinked from demonisation of Islam or any other religion/race/ethnic group/country.
Politicians and the press will further accelerate the demonisation of disabled people, and antidisabled hate crimes will soar as the toxic dehumanisation of vulnerable groups continues.
After extensive travel, Pearce concludes that the demonisation of alien species says much about man's inherent fear of change.
In October, the Guardian reported that the prime minister warned about the "demonisation" of fossil fuel in the opening of a coalmine in central Queensland.
Cameron's cruel attacks and demonisation of people who can't fight back - the sick, the elderly and the vulnerable - make me angry.
Spurs midfielder Sandro, meanwhile, posted a picture of himself on Instagram with the message to Adam: "The Beast (his nickname) is watching you." Former Liverpool player Adam - who faces his former club on Sunday afternoon - took to social media website Twitter to insist he has nothing against Tottenham, and Stoke boss Mark Hughes, who hails from Ruabon near Wrexham, revealed on Friday that the club may make their own complaint to the FA over the perceived demonisation of their player.
DEMONISATION is the right word to describe the way Betsi Cadwaladr is treating the smokers.
"There's nothing funny about the demonisation of indigenous people by non-indigenous people.