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Regarding the 3 instances of Demonetization in India, decisive action in the first case was the desire of the Britishers and second was on the basis of recommendation of the Wanchoo Committee (1977) to have control over the black money flow in the country.
Liquidity shortage for household & business-After demonetization government set the cash withdrawal limit.
This activity also put to test students' understanding of fundamental economic issues related to Globalization, Demonetization and Bitcoins.
The planning and execution of demonetization was done in utmost secrecy.
An immediate concern, and also a not-so-delayed aftermath of "demonetization" to emerge, was its impact on the healthcare system.
The response of the political parties to the final statement of the RBI on the adventurous step of demonetization was on the expected lines.
Shiv Sena member Sanjay Raut said it was claimed that demonetization would have positive effects on credit growth but that did not seem to be happening while there were also concerns related to banks cutting down staff.
During demonetization, a lot of SMEs which majorly dealt in cash felt helpless.
"Investment sentiments are low and the government is under tremendous pressure from the Opposition to showcase that the demonetization exercise has paid off.
19 -- Disruptions in Parliament over demonetization continued and the month-long winter session of Parliament ended on Friday.
It may be recalled that earlier this week, Sinha had published an article in the Indian Express and subsequently given an exclusive interview to ANI in which he was critical about the Narendra Modi-led NDA government's economic policies, especially on the issue of introducing demonetization and the GST.
As the stalemate continues, the Opposition observed 'Black Day' in Parliament on December 8, a month after PM Narendra Modi announced demonetization.
"India's economy has recovered from the impact of the twin policy events - demonetization and GST.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 1 (ANI): The Congress party slammed the government over demonetization, terming the move as "the biggest failure" and added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should apologize to the people of India.
5 -- Long term impact of demonetization on the economic growth is our big concern: Parliamentarian N K Premchandran