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The RBI annual report shows us that currency as a component of Gross National Disposable Income is now twice as much (2.8 per cent) as it was before demonetisation (1.4 per cent).
The media were full of reports mentioning the high-ups in the government holding Press conferences quoting data to prove the success of demonetisation.
But transparency in this case (of demonetisation) would have been the greatest instrument of fraud," Jaitley said.
A former central bank governor in India has said that he had warned the government about the so-called demonetisation measure, which saw the banning of a few denominations of currencies.
On November 11 - three days after demonetisation - it was Rs 383 billion less.
The impact of demonetisation came to light following MRM's six- day factfinding mission in the Kashmir Valley between November 6 to 12.
The Congress leader also slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that the latter used to say that one of the reasons behind the demonetisation was to make a cashless society.
"Our gross direct tax growth rate is 16.5 per cent and net direct tax growth rate is 14.5 per cent, which itself shows that demonetisation really helped in widening and deepening of tax base.
Apart from failing to unearth black money, demonetisation (Almost all banned notes returned: RBI, KT, August 30) also faltered in achieving the other three proclaimed goals: curbing circulation of counterfeit notes, stopping terrorism, and uprooting corruption.
Summary: One year on, demonetisation has raised more questions than it has answered
Congress Party supporters shout slogans during a protest on the eve of the first anniversary of demonetisation in Mumbai yesterday.
11 -- It has been ten months to demonetisation and yet there has not been much of an improvement in the Economy.
by PTI Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has stated that he was never in favour of demonetisation and had warned the government of the damage that pulling out 86 per cent of cash would cause to the economy.
Summary: The equity markets are likely to remain weak in the near term given the uncertain impact of demonetisation on corporate earnings.