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a young unmarried woman

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The demoiselle crane, which was tagged in Russia with a Global Positioning System (GPS) for the collection of data on the migratory bird, fell in Shahjahanpur in an injured state.
In peak season thousands of winged visitors, especially the elegant demoiselle crane, also known as kunch and kurja in local parlance, arrive in droves.
TWO demoiselle crane eggs have successfully hatched at Martin Mere.
Poultry: Pair Demoiselle Cranes PS300; Emporer Pair PS200; Red Breasted Pair PS200; Lesser Whitefront Pair PS190; Cayuga Pair PS150; White Female Call Ducks PS110; Pair Barnackle Geese PS110; Pair Opal Grey Peafowl PS110; Copper Maran Pullets PS110; Peafowl Chicks PS100; Cream Legbar Hens PS80; Copper Maran Hens PS80; Maran Pullets PS80; Pair Mandarin Ducks PS80; Trio Saxony Ducks PS80.
These are Demoiselle Cranes. The Demoiselle measures stand at 90 cm, with a wingspan of around 180 cm smaller than its Common relative.
This second in this two-part series features some truly unique sights, like the 25,000 Demoiselle Cranes who fly into the desert town of Khichan every winter to feed.
And this second part features some truly unique sights - like the 25,000 demoiselle cranes which fly into the desert town of Khichan every winter to feed.
He said these birds include some of the magnificent species such as demoiselle cranes and Eurasian cranes.
As are his snapshots of a school of catfish in the Gadsisar Lake of Jaisalmer, a sand boa fighting a deadly battle with a spiny- tailed lizard in The Desert National Park, a magnificent female ghariyal basking in the sun by the Chambal river and the demoiselle cranes that have flown all the way from Mongolia and Eurasia.
Besides these ospreys, ruddy shelduck, demoiselle cranes and cormorants are a plenty.
"And that's what makes it so powerful - similarly the scenes of Demoiselle cranes migrating from Russia to India for winter and flying over Everest, a peak so high they can barely breathe or flap their wings against the freezing winds.