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a young unmarried woman

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Surely, surely I bring home as much at night as any other demoiselle you employ."
"I tell you, my fair lord," she was saying, "that it is no fit training for a demoiselle: hawks and hounds, rotes and citoles singing a French rondel, or reading the Gestes de Doon de Mayence, as I found her yesternight, pretending sleep, the artful, with the corner of the scroll thrusting forth from under her pillow.
"La fenetre fermee donne sur un jardin appartenant a un pensionnat de demoiselles," said he, "et les convenances exigent --enfin, vous comprenez--n'est-ce pas, monsieur?"
I thought it would have been so pleasant to have looked out upon a garden planted with flowers and trees, so amusing to have watched the demoiselles at their play; to have studied female character in a variety of phases, myself the while sheltered from view by a modest muslin curtain, whereas, owing doubtless to the absurd scruples of some old duenna of a directress, I had now only the option of looking at a bare gravelled court, with an enormous "pas de geant" in the middle, and the monotonous walls and windows of a boys' school-house round.
"Hartill had clearly copied one of the wellknown successful aircraft of the day, the Santos-Dumont Demoiselle. Unlike the Demoiselle, the Hartill Monoplane failed to leave the ground," says Alec in his book.
99, Harlequin Demoiselle wallpaper in Ink/ Chartreuse, now PS60.30, from Fashion Wallpaper
?There has been indiscriminate hunting of Demoiselle Crane (locally Koonj) in our region whereas the ministry will also work on reducing the permissible number of hunting for this specie as it is a very beautiful bird,?
*La demoiselle du metro - 168 pages - Casbah Editions.
The statement installation of the Demoiselle airplane will allow visitors to discover the new Cartier Santos collection as well as the world aviation pioneer, Alberto Santos-Dumont who inspired the creation of the original pilot's watch, through a series of experimental and immersive rooms.
From birds of paradise in the rainforests to demoiselle crane's in the mountains you can also learn about the gilded flicker, a large woodpecker who nests in cactus plants, a loggerhead shrike which uses sharp fences to net its prey on the prairie.
Demoiselle - is found only in the eastern part of the Issyk-Kul hollow.
28 (ANI): The Lucknow zoo authorities haveEewritten to national and international experts to find the cure for the injured female demoiselle crane, which was rescued in Allahaganj town of LucknowaACAOs Shahjahanpur district on October 17.
The varied function spaces were aptly named after types of cranes with the following extent of measurements- Marquis Grand Ballroom (1290.37 sqm); Sarus Ballroom A (302.44 sqm); Sarus Ballroom B (675.64 sqm); Sarus Ballroom C (266.49 sqm); Red Crown (68.22 sqm); Black Crown (66.17 sqm); Sand Hill (95.51 sqm); Grey Crown (70.15 sqm); Demoiselle (147.68 sqm); Wattle (117.90 sqm).
Curly and pink pelicans, black stork, common flamingo, bustard, demoiselle crane, black francolin and Caspian snowcock and all birds of prey are also prohibited for hunting.
Deco divan headboard PS99; Kyasha blossom hand painted and foil canvas, reduced from PS34.99 to PS29.99; Eastern palace medallion wall art aPS34.99; Kyasha butterfly cushion PS29.99; Kotori blush cushion PS19.99; Harlequin Demoiselle silk cushion, gold, PS59; Harlequin Demoiselle Oxford pillowcase PS25; Jade oriental duvet cover set from PS25, Very