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a statistic characterizing human populations (or segments of human populations broken down by age or sex or income etc

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In the study, titled 'Are We Missing Out on the Demographic Dividend?
We recently reviewed eight factors to assess demographic and economic trends at the US state level.
The "demographic dividend" will be the focus of discussions the next African Union summit in Addis Ababa.
At the workshop under the theme "Demographic Analysis and Population Projections", organized by the Arab Institute for Training and in cooperation Research in Statistics (AITRS) and the United States Bureau of the Census, participants will be trained on concepts and measures related to demographic change including fertility, mortality, and migration.
Keywords: Inflation, Demographic change, Population growth, Autoregressive Distributive Lag model
Seeking solutions to Japan's shrinking and aging population, social scientists cover structural and cultural barriers to dealing with demographic change; social challenges: gender, religion, and incentive; and ways forward.
Section one discusses the impact of demographic dividend on economic growth.
* Get a detailed picture of the Future Demographics market;
She added that the demographic survey also showed that in 2013 there were 12,680 marriages, of which 3,650 were church services and 9,030 civil weddings, but mostly of foreign visitors as only 1,841 were Cypriots.
Celtic Tiger a term coined by Morgan Stanley the global financial services entity had demographic transition is one of the most powerful of drivers behind that rapid economic growth.
Mohamed Akram al-Qash, the Dean of the Higher Institution for Demographic Studies and Research, asserted the importance of updating the social, economic and demographic data and confronting the demographic issues and problems that resulted from the social and economic shifts caused by demographic changes.
Full video of our 9/30 TribLive conversation about demographic change and the digital divide with Juanita Budd of Austin Free-Net; state Rep.
Demographic Gaps in American Political Behavior considers how and why US demographic groups are politically different, with each chapter using a specific demographic to present data and different perspectives on voting behavior patterns.
The group of local experts, representatives of the Government of Tajikistan, the academia and research institutes, and national officers from UNDP and UNFPA met to discuss findings of the Demographic Trends in Tajikistan Report developed by the local expert Mr.