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extract information from a modulated carrier wave

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3, we found that when the scan step is no more than 0.01, the eavesdropper can demodulate the signal correctly.
At present, specified military as well as civil applications within the radio recognition area make use of equipment that automatically recognises, demodulates as well as decodes signals sent by radio transmission systems, which use system-specific transmission protocols.
The process to demodulate a closed fringe pattern applying the FSD-HSO algorithm consists in splitting the complete closed fringe pattern into subimages of 5 x 5 pixels (see Figure 3).
89600 VSA setup files can be created automatically to easily demodulate and analyze signals for DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem design and test.
In order to demodulate MPPSK signals, the zero parameters of the IF are selected as [b.sub.1] = -1.6181733185991785, and the pole parameters of the IF in this paper are selected as
FPGAs allow realizing complex real-time digital signal processing algorithms, and therefore they are ideally suitable for the multichannel PGC technique implementation to demodulate signals from fiber-optic sensor arrays 11].
In order to demodulate the received RF signal from the card, most commercial readers first perform quadrature demodulation of the 13.56 MHz carrier signal using an IQ demodulator [10].
And similar to AC bridge null detection, the digital lock-in algorithm is designed to demodulate the [U.sub.diff] and [U.sub.sum] signals in the rail inspection bridge.
Then in near real-time, demodulate and decode to a viewable format.
The final output data were acquired and processed by a computer to demodulate the size of the nanoparticles.
Satellite operator SES (Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG) on Friday announced a new IP-based satellite reception technology, SAT-IP, that has been developed to demodulate and convert satellite signals to IP for further in-home distribution to any IP-enabled device.
Compatible with constant coding and modulation (CCM), variable coding and modulation (VCM) and ACM modes, Syper can demodulate all constellations with bit-rates up to 170Mbps.
The advanced system architecture enables the BCM3560 to reliably acquire, track and demodulate signals in the presence of interference or a wide range of varying multi-path channel conditions that experience the presence of noise.
The Raven can simultaneously demodulate additional signals using other onboard SDRs.