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retire from military service

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The demob wagon rolled again and many of us, myself included, went home in 1948.
With a Flanagan and Allen selection, demob sweethearts such as Alma Cogan, Ruby Murray, Doris Day and Lena Horne, a singalong with George Formby and his ukulele and bees buzzing with Liverpool's own Arthur Askey, the entire afternoon is likely to be one of sheer nostalgia.
We made suits for men leaving the armed forces - demob suits, we called them.
It was a nice, fine October day when demob group 59 came up.
BLUNDERING John Prescott yesterday admitted he was demob happy at the idea of getting out of Government.
Ronnie Thomas, from Holyhead, told me: "I recognised them all, despite the years that have gone by, after all we were twenty-one going in and twenty-three on demob.
A line-up of eight bands, including Demob and Outlaw, will play in the clubhouse of Ashington Football Club at its Portland Park ground.
Demob was the word in 1920, racism in 1935, beatnik in 1958, miniskirt in 1965, gangsta in1988, bling bling in 2000, and sexing up in 2003.
On demob, I worked in plant fitting for the next 20 or so years.
After demob in 1951, he turned professional under manager Eric Munro.
Soldiers wearing demob suits, Sit eating bread and honey And the new PM has most sincerely, Pledged to reimburse our money
Peter Davies, defending, said Morgan had found life back in Bargoed unexciting after his demob.
Upon my demob, I married a young lady from Cheshire in 1948.
I had paid a visit to the Shakespeare Theatre that was in Fraser Street, off London Road, with my demob issue on.