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a subordinate deity, in some philosophies the creator of the universe

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In fact, the majority of such high-volume productions represent Herculean acts of customization--which, indeed, is the demiurgical twin of the prosumerization of artistic labor.
If each present produces its own history, we will always have more and more available histories, but this excess of histories fades away as soon as the very groundwork for this demiurgical self-centered present fades away within its concentrations.
Be it also reminded here that Descartes had yet to answer who, if not the mind, still did move the body--to this pertinent question (and philosophical embarassment) he answering that there must exist a third, a divine agent--a solution that comes close to Ahab's own intuition, that there must be some difference between his diurnal mind/consciousness and his soul, as divine, demiurgical agent.
This understanding of a demiurgical force of persuasion is developed in utopian articulation of its ultimate consequences.
Ferrari surveying exegesis of the Timeus from Alcinous and Antiochus to Numenius, in which subordination of the Ideas to demiurgical Intellect is mainly portrayed in terms of two principal causes, the God as efficient and paradigmatic cause, and matter (p.
is like a vast prison whose innermost dungeon is the earth, the scene of man's life." (5) Salvation requires the recognition that we are better than the situation into which we have been cast, and "The goal of gnostic striving is the release of the 'inner man' from the bonds of [the] world and his return to his native realm of light"--often entailing "intentional violation of the demiurgical norms"; that is, the natural laws of a wicked creation.