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free from mist


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By law you have to de-ice and demist all of your vehicle, however, depending on how drivers go about this, they could find themselves without cover.
This research focusing on taxi drivers forms part of our two-year DEMiSt 'Diesel Exposure Mitigation Study'.
Per request by the design engineer, the updated IP was merged into the cabin model as well, which included updated demist duct outlet panels.
Cold, dry air will demist the window more quickly than hot air that's not yet hot.
This will help demist the front windshield and windows.
Competent individuals have made their own using lengths of drainpipe and perspex covers, but with commercial (CCTV) units that include mounting brackets and incorporate a heater to demist the front window available for around 50 [pounds sterling], users may decide that the time taken to manufacture and the risk of failure is not worth the financial saving.
As an only child born to a demist father and a retired schoolteacher mother, my parents were attuned to the dietary advice of the day; particularly my father who eschewed candy, cakes, pies, white bread, ice cream, and soda.
It's enough to know that everything that does matter - lights, wipers and demist controls - are easily to hand.
In your kit you'll find an AA ice-scraper and AA demist pad, plus a 300ml can of de-icer.
Whitworth, Einsteins Wake: Relativity, Metaphor, and Mo demist Literature (Oxford, 2001), p.
The woman flat-lined from "a dazzling array of anesthetic agents." A previous patient of his had reported to the state that she ended up a few months earlier with E coli on her face and a staph infection, but nothing had been done to stop this demist from performing that fatal surgery (
I test drove my Sedici Eleganza during a particularly frosty autumn week and found it took ages to demist in the mornings.
"I also had a problem with the wind-screen, which would not demist and made it difficult to drive quickly, and the gearbox didn't feel right.
Jim Demist (R-SC) who is sponsoring The Truth in Employment Act.
By placing wet cloths in the GS, tests were able to determine how quickly the car can demist when moisture is present inside.