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remove the minerals or salts from

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Samples containing 5 g of HAP were placed in remineralizing and demineralizing solution for a time period of 1, 3 and 6 days respectively.
The mounted specimen was soaked in 5 mL of the demineralizing solution for 1 h prior to the dissolution experiment to allow the specimen to be fully hydrated.
Thus, demineralizing solutions with pH's in the range of 3.
The composition of the titrant solution was the same as the demineralizing medium except that the amounts of Ca[(OH).
As a result, dissolution of a small amount of a CPC sample in the demineralizing solution, which as described above has little buffer capacity, will cause an immediate increase in pH.
The demineralizing solution (40 mL) was placed in the vessel, and a stable pH electrode reading was obtained under constant stirring (400 rpm).
the developer of an innovative method for demineralizing and repairing calcific aortic valves, announced today that it has received conditional IDE approval from the FDA for the clinical evaluation of its device in the United States.
is an emerging medical device company focused on the treatment of calcific vascular disease and is developing proprietary devices that improve original valve performance by demineralizing calcific tissue.
Aquatech, US based leading global provider of water purification technology, has obtained a contract for a demineralizing plant for IBN Rushd, a Sabic affiliate petrochemical facility in Yanbu.
But because teeth are constantly demineralizing and remineralizing -- dissolving and laying down new mineral -- the treatment is not permanent, but instead should be part of a regular dental-care program.
A global leader in water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure markets, Aquatech, has been contracted for a demineralizing plant for IBN Rushd, a Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) affiliate petrochemical facility, in Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.