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remove the minerals or salts from

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This is why we focused on a completely new approach for gene activation of a demineralized bone allograft.
AlloStem is partially demineralized allograft bone combined with adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells.
The demineralized residual coal retained on the filter paper was subjected to dry in an oven at 100 C for 2 hours and then utilized for trace elemental analyses.
Partial reconstitution of destroyed enamel tissue has been known to occur both in natural and artificial in vitro conditions.3 Oral cavity has the capability to remineralize the demineralized enamel through the supply of calcium and phosphate ions in saliva to the teeth.
However, using distilled or more frequently, demineralized water, we do not provide microbiological purity of the water which we usually buy in shops.
9,114,191 covers demineralized bone matrices derived from cortical bone, which include its branded product lines OsteoSTX, OsteoWrap and OrbitalWrap HD.
M2 PHARMA-September 23, 2015-Xtant Medical receives expanded patent coverage in demineralized bone grafts processing technology
A graft of hydroxyapatite (HA) alone (n = 12 birds) or demineralized bone matrix (DBM) combined with HA (n = 12 birds) was implanted in the CSD.
The family of osteoinductive, demineralized bone allografts is part of an ongoing expansion of Bacterin's orthopedic product offering.
The analyzer was specifically designed and engineered to meet the requirements of clean water applications, including condensate return, cooling water, potable water, pharmaceutical water and demineralized water.
According to Shofu, BeautiSealant is made with a self-etching primer designed to help preserve healthy enamel that can be demineralized with acid-etchants, while maintaining bond strength.
The plant will treat desalinated water and convert into demineralized water for downstream use as boiler feed water.