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Synonyms for demineralization

abnormal loss of mineral salts (especially from bone)

the removal of minerals and mineral salts from a liquid (especially from water)

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In situ studies are a relatively fast and clinically relevant method (17) to study the behavior of antibacterial adhesives against demineralization caused by dental plaque.
Demineralization, the first step of the decay process with the remineralization process, controls the decay process and reverses the decay.
Decay is demineralization. Remineralization can occur to prevent tooth decay.
CT demonstrates demineralization at the fissula ante fenestram demonstrates a reddish blush on the cochlear promontory.
Key Words: Chicken Egg Shell Powder (CESP) solution, Enamel Demineralization, Energy Dispersive X - Ray Spectroscopy (EDX).
If the biofilm is not removed properly, it can create demineralization zones on the surface around the cemented brackets; these zones are called white spots (1-5).
Scientists have tried to use it in tooth bleaching paste containing concentrated H3P[O.sub.4] and hydrogen peroxide to minimize the risk of demineralization [5].
In order to obtain a collagen extract with the maximum quantity from bone, demineralization with a combination of materials and the right processing time is required.
However, it is susceptible to demineralization from acids.
Regenerative medicine company Xtant Medical Holdings (NYSE:MKT:BONE) reported on Tuesday that it has received notification that its patent entitled "Process for Demineralization of Bone Matrix with Preservation of Natural Growth Factors" has been issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office.
The system will comprise three MED with thermal vapour compression (MED-TVC) units, each with a net capacity of 5,352 m[sup.3]/d; three fractional electrodeionization (FEDI) demineralization units, each with a capacity of 3,360 m[sup.3]/d for boiler feed water with less than 0.1 parts per million of dissolved solids; and two remineralization dosing skids for the production of service water and potable water.
In the first part of questionnaire, questions were asked regarding the measures used for prevention of demineralization at the start of the treatment by Rajasthani orthodontists.
Using Bacterin's proprietary demineralization technology, OsteoSTX are flexible cortical demineralized bone matrix matchsticks designed for multi-level and deformity spinal applications.