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remove the minerals or salts from

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The Solution: The piston pumps were replaced with two Hydra-Cell close-coupled triplex diaphragm pumps with AC inverter rated motors which were installed to pump the demineralised water.
Water specialist firm Metito has announced work has started on a large-scale project to provide demineralised water services to the Al Zour power plant in Kuwait.
Here, a degreasing phosphate tank and a demineralised water rinse tank sit under two spray chambers.
A cost effective alternative to other multi-stage systems, they are designed for heavy duty multistage cleaning and can incorporate demineralised water rinsing, 'air deluge' drying, in-line fluid filtration loops and vacuum distillation systems.
This Belzona solution is a cold applied cost effective repair composite that has proven results within the power industry but has been particularly successful in demineralised water treatment plants.
Tenders invited for Portable demineralised water unit
Traditional methods of repair would require rebuilding, then protecting with a coating system which would have been prohibitive due to the need to keep the demineralised water treatment plant operational.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Demineralised Water At Beml, Kgf Complex
When demineralised or reverse osmosis feed water is used, the generators comply with the requirements of Health Technical Memoranda HTM 2010 and 2031 covering sterilisation in hospitals.
and maintenance of Inverters% batteries including filling of distilled/ demineralised water up to the reqd.
The instruments are being used to monitor the flow of demineralised water, which lubricates and cools mechanical seals on the centrifuges.
A controlled mixture of methanol and demineralised water is pumped into the top of the reformer with the H2-rich synthesis gas then fed into a multi-column pressure swing adsorption (PSA) unit to yield 99.
The CSG10 is a complete pre-assembled engineered system that uses existing plant steam to heir demineralised water to produce high quality steam.