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Synonyms for demilitarize

do away with the military organization and potential of

remove offensive capability from

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On March 14, 2014, approximately 20 members and supporters of Demilitarize McGill blocked a second lab.
The first artist to land was Tomas Saraceno, the brains behind Air Port City, 2002-, an impressive yet politically naive plan to demilitarize and decommercialize the troposphere by building cities like floating clouds.
We thus recommended that the Department of Defense (DOD) develop a plan in consultation with Congress that included procedures for assessing the appropriate mix of government and commercial sector capacity needed to demilitarize excess ammunition.
Latin American political leaders must be willing to demilitarize areas where there is constant potential for cross-border violence, relying instead on groups like the QAS as a forum and obeying international court decisions.
Summary: North and South Sudan agreed "in principle" Monday to demilitarize the disputed central Sudan region of Abyei and to allow an Ethiopian peacekeeping team to come in, an official said.
New York, Rajab 18, 1432, Jun 20, 2011, SPA -- North and south Sudan signed an agreement Monday to end fighting in Abyei and to demilitarize the disputed border town under the supervision of Ethiopian peacekeepers.