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large bottle with a short narrow neck

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Jones, however, is neither a tenant nor an employee of Sutpen and interaction between the two is limited to "the scuppernong arbor behind the kitchen where on Sunday afternoons he and Sutpen would drink from the demijohn and the bucket of spring water which Wash fetched from almost a mile away" (99), whereas on "the week days he [Jones] would see Sutpen (the fine figure of the man as he called it) on the black stallion, galloping about the plantation" (226).
Angus, of Blairadam, Fife, sells liqueurs, mature single malt whiskies, rare spirits, o live oils, vinegars and unusual spices from Demijohn.
Eight months on, we are still enjoying our efforts, but the demijohn had to be emptied for use elsewhere, which left me with a bit of a dilemma; what was I to do with the hundreds of gin swollen berries?
Allow fermentation, which starts almost immediately, to continue in the bucket for five days before straining the 'must' through muslin into a fermentation jar, or demijohn, fitted with a fermentation lock.
contused demijohn demounts ditchers document forspent gunsmith mordents mouthing mudstone outspend portends shorting shouting
But he said if amateur makers turned up with a demijohn that would be enough proof in order to monitor what he imagined could be scores of visitors a day.
My favourite port of call was Demijohn on Victoria St, a 'liquid deli', where I enthusiastically sampled several local handmade liqueurs and whiskies.
He said: "I had demolished a shed in the front garden and was working on putting new foundations in and came across a demijohn.
Since the 'St Laurent' produced only 6lbs of grapes, rather than the 15 needed for a demijohn of wine, I blended these with those from the greenhouse.
She refused and the youth lunged at her, throwing a glass demijohn at her, and forcing the 38-year-old vicar to use her arms to protect herself.
And don't forget to visit the Demijohn stand with its distinctive different shaped glass bottles.
The responsible retailer of the year nominees are B&Q, Demijohn, the John Lewis Partnership, and Spar Camelon.
DELOITTE NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: The Tasting Rooms, Dundee' Boudiche, Edinburgh and Demijohn, Edinburgh