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Synonyms for demigod

a person with great powers and abilities

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a person who is part mortal and part god

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In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by the Demigod Maui reaches Moana's island, she answers the Ocean's call to seek out the Demigod to set things right.
With this courage it endeared him not only to me but made him a demigod in the dressing room and helped us achieve success.
Princess" is what the demigod Maui calls Moana, the teenage namesake of Disney's latest animated film.
His goal - to abolish war - is admirable, but not his determination to become a demigod in that effort, and he mist reassemble the scattered bits of an old artifact to gain the powers to win his goal.
Meg is a demigod, the child of a god's liaison with a human.
She covers Gilgamesh: so human a demigod, ancient Egypt: democratic and magical views of immortality, ancient Greece: defining immortality in an age of gods and mortals, Hinduism: an immortality of nonexistence, Judaism: questioning the essence of immortality, Christianity: belief and hope in eternal life, Islam: declare the final revelation on immortality, and reviewing global doctrines and analyzing the human condition.
Rajini, who enjoys a demigod status in the Indian and South-East Asian movie industries, started his film career by playing antagonistic and supporting roles some four decades ago.
Summary: The portrayal of Maui, a Polynesian demigod, is seen as culturally insensitive by some critics
For as long as I've been here, I've always said: stop building up everyone connected to football to be some sort of demigod.
In this gripping follow-up to Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods, demigod Percy Jackson tells the stories of 12 of the original Greek heroes in all their gory, bloodthirsty glory.
The diminutive Argentinean isn't quite the demigod that we came to know in recent years anymore, and such is aggravated by the fact that he is, from time to time, being deployed in his old spot on the flanks, which is seen as a significant factor to his reduced goal tally this season.
Hercules 2014 is perhaps just what the demigod would be if he lived in this era -- ubercool in gait, oozing machismo in his stunts.
The Sao Paulo native was truly a sporting superstar at the time of his death, and has attained almost demigod status in his home country.
But Robin Goodfellow is anything but a criminal: he's actually an injured demigod in search of sanctuary while he heals, and he needs to feed on Bessie's life force to survive long enough to engage in the Hunt, a renewal ritual that will save the planet.
Commenting on the study, McAfee India Centre VP Engineering (Consumer and Mobile Business Group) Venkatasubrahmanyam Krishnapur said: "In India where celebrities enjoy demigod status, cybercriminals often use their names to lure people to sites which host malicious software designed to compromise personal details and disrupt devices.