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Synonyms for demigod

a person with great powers and abilities

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a person who is part mortal and part god

References in classic literature ?
The saints and demigods whom history worships we are constrained to accept with a grain of allowance.
Gusts of splendour, gods and demigods contending with vast swords, colour and fragrance broadcast on the field of battle, magnificent victory, magnificent death
Three year after the release of the first installment, the successful teen adventure is set to return to theaters on August 16, with teen heartthrob Logan Lerman, who plays as demigod Percy Jackson, bringing along a lot of friends--some old and some new.
Frustrating and pleasing in equal measure, Demigod is part real-time strategy game, part action-RPG.
Even being the son of a demigod couldn't keep Frank Roosevelt from obscurity when the public tired of yet one more cafe society antic.
In England you seem to have raised the Australian team to demigod status.
But will a mythological demigod, a flying horse and the Lord of the Underworld have the same appeal?
People looked on him like a demigod,'' she said of Simpson.
Kauiki Hill, the cinder cone in Hana Bay, was said to be the demigod Maui's favorite place.
There is a method to his madness, but of course he's like a demigod in that room, striding around like Caesar,'' McDowell said.
Within a year this show has rescued the fortunes of the once-faltering Disney-owned network and made Regis a demigod and fashion icon.
Five months on, Spurs are on their way to Wembleyand a man once reviled by Shelf season-ticket holders is a demigod.
He's touchingly remembered as a "trophy," a "stud muffin," and a demigod of the gay world.