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sauce Espagnole with extra beef stock simmered down and seasoned with dry wine or sherry


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The Akashi Toji Single Malt Bourbon Cask then preceded the Argentine entrana steak/brown butter wild mushroom cream peppercorn demiglace.
What's for dinner: Elk short loin with roasted fingerling hash and a cherry demiglace, nori- and sesame-dusted tuna with crispy lotus chips.
TIP Using espagnole or demiglace will render a browncolored sauce while using the tomato sauce will render a red sauce.
"But because many North American chefs have a background in luxury European cuisines, you'll see things like a chile demiglace or a julienne of tortillas garnishing a ceviche, which isn't a technique Mexicans use a lot.
Items such as antelope, "Texas wild boar", venison medallions topped with foie gras and Madeira demiglace, reindeer sausage served with an omelet and melted cheese are popular choices.
One colleague sampled the blackened pork tenderloin ($8.50), served with soft cheddar cheese polenta, southwest demiglace (cilantro and jicama slaw) and fried Julienne tortillas strips and a side order of basil/balsamic pasta salad.
Chef-approved ingredients are also in high demand, from estate-bottled extra-virgin olive oils to farmhouse cheeses to demiglace. As European-style butters become more publicized on TV and in print, the easier your job of merchandising them becomes.
Offered in the form of Brown or White Liquid Roux - the former has been developed for use as a demiglace sauce and the latter is ideal for dishes requiring a bechamel-style finish.
Boiled down, it concentrates and becomes a jellylike fumee or demiglace that can be reconstituted into a sauce by adding water.
Zivanovic recommends complementing the Cabernet Sauvignon with the New York Strip Steak ($49.95 for 14oz.) and Truffle Merlot demiglace sauce ($2.95) or with a side of Sherried Mushrooms ($11.95).
Grilled US striploin with demiglace was greaseless and perfectly cooked as well as nicely aged at the hotel's chilling room.
During the evening service, options like Long Island Duckling Breast (with whipped sweet potatoes and almond sauteed spinach and served with a honey-merlot demiglace) or Blackened Shrimp Primavera (blackened shrimp tossed with fresh vegetables and angel-hair pasta in a house-made alfredo sauce) showcase the depth of its menu.
Main courseDuo of USDA Beef Tenderloin Medallion with Truffle Butter, Onion Rings and Red Wine Demiglace; and Poached Seabass in Dill Beurre Blanc and Vermouth Emulsion with Black Caviar on a Bed of Potato Puree and Grilled Vegetable Ribbons
Omitting any of the half dozen beloved core dishes probably would provoke a lawsuit, so the kitchen keeps it new with a daily parade of specials grouped under Smaller Plates ("White Castle" sliders offer foie gras and beef tenderloin on a butter-grilled sweet bun with demiglace and bearnaise) and Carpe Diem (porcini-dusted, pan-seared, truffle-buttered sea scallops were a recent tour de force).