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Synonyms for demerit

a mark against a person for misconduct or failure

the quality of being inadequate or falling short of perfection


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Everything natural, probable, reasonable, was against it; all their habits and ways of thinking, and all her own demerits.
The old clergyman had slipped on a stone in mid-stream, and, as he dragged a dripping leg up the opposite bank, he had sworn an oath worthy of the "godless young man" who had put him to flight, and on whose demerits he had descanted with so much eloquence and indignation.
We find, among others in the accounts of the provost's office for 1466, a curious detail concerning the expenses of the trial of Gillet-Soulart and his sow, "executed for their demerits," at Corbeil.
This brought fresh tears into Madame Mantalini's eyes, which having just begun to open to some few of the demerits of Mr Mantalini, were only open a very little way, and could be easily closed again.
Time was not given to reflect on the merits, or rather the demerits, of most of the different individuals to whom he alluded, in consequence of the rapid manner in which he ran over their names; but so cunningly did he time his events, and so thrillingly did he make his appeals, aided as they were by the power of his deep-toned and stirring voice, that each of them struck an answering chord in the breast of some one of his auditors.
I must have been very ill employed, if I could not leave its merits and demerits as a whole, to express themselves on its being read as a whole.
Your demerits shall be overlooked, and you shall be mercifully gratified, poor people.
David will be a huge loss for England and that's because he is such an important player," said DeMerit.
At that point few would have backed against Watford getting their first away win since October - that was until Cliff Byrne's shot hit visiting captain Jay DeMerit on the arm and referee David Webb pointed to the spot.
And demerit points can be placed on a license for any driver found driving more than 16km/h over the speed limit.
PLAYER SPOTLIGHT PLAYER SPOTLIGHT WATFORD skipper and centre-back Jay DeMerit is a key figure for the Hornets in their battle to avoid the drop.
Asked if he can deal with Rooney in the same way on June 12, DeMerit said: "You hope so.
Defender DeMerit insists the USA will not try to wind up Rooney, whose temperament has again come under the spotlight after his yellow card against the Platinum Stars.
In his words, he indicated that "this fact has turned out to be a large scale demerit for political forces in the country," adding that "certain sides wish to achieve their demands over the nation's dead body.
WA Police has flexed its muscle ahead of the double demerit period which kicks in at midnight tonight until January 4, 2015.