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'Let's Talk About Dementia' is based on the understanding that talking about dementia helps tackle the stigma, normalizes language and encourages people to find out more about the disease and seek help, advice and support for it.
SMOKING CAN LEAD TO DEMENTIA Probably "ALTHOUGH we can't say that smoking definitely causes dementia, there is strong evidence it can increase your risk," says Dr James Pickett, head of research at Alzheimer's Society.
Dementia is a general term used to define a decline in mental ability severe enough that it can interfere with daily life, offers the Alzheimer's Association.
The Government must commit to tripling its annual support for dementia research to pounds 96m within five years.
In an analysis that controlled for other cardiovascular disease risk factors, patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) were significantly more likely to develop several types of dementia, compared with people without AF.
Dementia rates rose sharply as people got older, the researchers report in the October PLoSMedicine.
We describe a patient in whom dementia associated with cerebellar, pyramidal, extrapyramidal, and bulbar manifestations developed; the patient died within 5 months.
Researchers are revisiting vascular disease as a factor in dementia and exploring how treatment may prevent or postpone it, Dr.
Something we should carefully consider when caring for people with Alzheimer's and other dementias is the surroundings.
Methods: We analyzed the relation between neurologic gait status at base line and the development of dementia in a prospective study involving 422 subjects older than 75 years of age who lived in the community and did not have dementia at base line.
In the second study, Herschel Jick and co-workers at the Boston University School of Medicine and elsewhere identified 284 people aged 50 or older who were diagnosed as having Alzheimer's or another form of dementia in a data base of more than 60,000 patients in the United Kingdom.
Costs were analyzed for 678 with a diagnosis of vascular dementia, 1,722 with Alzheimer's disease, 957 with other dementias, and 16,741 age- and gender-matched nondemented subjects, of whom 2,718 had cardiovascular disease (CVD).
Pogarell, a neurologist at the University of Munich, said that EEG can help differentiate reversible dementias, such as those caused by epilepsy or depression, from degenerative dementias, such as those caused by Alzheimer's disease.
While these phrases vividly describe the prognosis for those stricken by dementia, that's only part of the story: While they yet live, people with Alzheimer's and other dementias can still enjoy interacting with others and participating in activities that awaken pleasant, comforting memories.
According to Gurney, the cause of the dementia in AIDS apparently differs from that of other dementias: "In Alzheimer's, you have actual death of nerve cells, and you don't in AIDS.