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Synonyms for demean

demean yourself


  • lower yourself
  • humiliate yourself
  • humble yourself
  • debase yourself
  • downgrade yourself
  • abase yourself
  • belittle yourself
  • degrade yourself

Synonyms for demean

to conduct oneself in a specified way

to deprive of esteem, self-worth, or effectiveness

to lower in character or quality

Synonyms for demean

reduce in worth or character, usually verbally

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will likely feel demeaned as well, but this feeling is not relevant to
The tax authorities can see at a glance who the wealthy are amongst us and there would be no need to demean anybody, that is unless the wealthy considered themselves demeaned by having to pay a bit of tax to help run the country.
They maintain that, overall, women who work in these areas are exploited and demeaned, that their civil rights are frequently trampled upon, and that they face severe physical and psychological risks.
As we queue up, undress in public, are demeaned by overly paid uniformed security guards, and force octogenarians in wheel chairs to be treated with little respect after many of them fought in wars to ensure our democracy; the action of our founding fathers against ignorance, taxation and tyranny may have to be revisited again," said Richard A.
My Perspective, March 29] is a breath of fresh air for those of us who are so very tired of being demeaned for being drawn to our gay male friends.
But it isn't the monarchy being demeaned here, the Queen is demeaning herself by being so petty.
With a gladdened heart I wanted to thank President Bush for maybe, hopefully, against all odds, stripping Syria of its inexplicable cloak of power that has occupied, terrorized, intimidated and demeaned the tiny country next door.
Scared, demeaned, abused and subsequently pressured into silence by the one entity they trust most.
The report said employees frequently over-medicated youths with up to 16 different psychotropic drugs, and sometimes cursed and demeaned mentally ill children and victims of sexual abuse.
Opponents of growth have demeaned the obvious solution to congestion - which is building out - by calling it ``sprawl.