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Synonyms for demean

demean yourself


  • lower yourself
  • humiliate yourself
  • humble yourself
  • debase yourself
  • downgrade yourself
  • abase yourself
  • belittle yourself
  • degrade yourself

Synonyms for demean

to conduct oneself in a specified way

to deprive of esteem, self-worth, or effectiveness

to lower in character or quality

Synonyms for demean

reduce in worth or character, usually verbally

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will likely feel demeaned as well, but this feeling is not relevant to
American Association of Community Colleges President George Boggs says AACC has sent letters to Leno every time he has demeaned community colleges on his show.
Over the course of this textual journey, Buckler restores legitimacy to architectural and literary eclecticism, an aspect of the onetime capital long demeaned as middle- or low-brow, and, in a tour de force, she elevates them as essential to understanding the city's intricate and dynamic culture.
BOISTEROUS Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has demeaned his office by flashing a V-sign at Downing Street journalists, the chairman of the Liberal Democrats has said.
Wajid Zia, 29, told a tribunal yesterday that he was bullied, harassed and demeaned at the Killermont Polo Club in Glasgow.
He demeaned those who hold this view as believing that the Constitution is like "Plasticman," a comic book hero who can change his shape.
COMPLAINTS that an advert for a wine was "sexist and offensive because it demeaned and undermined men" was rejected yesterday.
Faced with a Judaism or a Christianity that has sometimes demeaned nonhuman aspects of Creation just as it demeaned nonmale aspects of the human race, some readers today are similarly seeking ways to understand the ancient text as a guide through its process, more than its content, to an affirmation of all Creation.
She argues that Mary is a remnant of a widespread celebration of goddesses that preceded Christianity and has been demeaned by it.
Wholly unprotected, also, were "epithets, comments, or gestures" that demeaned on the basis of "gender, race, cultural background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or handicap condition," subject, again, to the double criteria of what a group found "disparaging to members of that group" and either interference with "learning or other academic performance" or the creation of a "hostile or intimidating, or demeaning" environment.
She forms a bond with two other women, Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin, and all three are demeaned and abused by a male chauvinist boss named Franklin Hart Jr.