demarcation line

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Earlier the day, Hashimoto himself basically admitted that his new proposal revolved around the demarcation line.
The trains, each carrying 100 South Koreans and 50 North Koreans, are expected to run through the demarcation line between 12:10 p.
If the telephone operators wanted to, they could step out of their office and talk to their counterparts only 80 meters (260 feet) away in a separate building across the demarcation line.
What name is given to the demarcation line between North and South Korea agreed at the Yalta Conference?
Around 20 shots were fired when the border guards approached the military demarcation line between the two countries, the ministry said.
Before the axe murder incident, the Bridge of No Return crossed the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) between the North and South.
The defector crashes his vehicle near the line that divides North and South, military demarcation line (MDL) which is the part of the border where North and South Korean soldiers face each other at their closest distance just meters (feet) away.
A second demarcation line -- a length of white tape running across the concrete floor -- divided the audience from Beirut-based Swiss clarinetist and improviser Paed Conca, sitting behind a bank of electronics.
The South Korean Sea Patrol spotted the floating fugitive near the sea border on the northern demarcation line with the DPRK in the Yellow Sea and headed towards him to help.
A large part of this is located in the previously disputed area, and most of the new information has been collected after the demarcation line agreement with Russia entered into force in the summer of 2011.
Fighting between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed rebels has killed more than 9,600 since 2014, despite a ceasefire agreed in the Belarussian capital Minsk in February 2015, and shooting incidents and other violence still continue along a demarcation line.
The rift started from an imaginary demarcation line drawn from the north to the south poles of the world.
A demarcation line through the border from Berwick to Dumfries.
The officials say Monday's incident happened near the military demarcation line inside the 4-kilometer-wide Demilitarized Zone that divides the Korean Peninsula.
In addition, the parties have not managed to agree on a demarcation line, Khalikov said.