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Synonyms for demanding

Synonyms for demanding

Antonyms for demanding

requiring more than usually expected or thought due

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In this regard, the financial crisis has presented Namibia in general and the government in particular with fantastic opportunities, none of which have presented themselves so demandingly since Independence.
And so, in his 1963 poetic vision, the prose-poem "Hagia Sophia," Merton would identify Divine Wisdom, "the "mysterious Unity and Integrity," with "the child who is prisoner in all the people, and who says nothing." (29) Being one with Her demanded solidarity not only with the silenced victims of oppression, including that caused by North American consumerism and political supremacy, but perhaps more demandingly, with every, however ruthless, person's repressed inner child--that point of absolute incorruptibility, which is God's own image in everyone.
Gendlin is fond of saying "what is not formed is very demandingly ordered although unfinished," (2004, p.
Whereas Hobbes's formulation instructs in the harms one should avoid inflicting, Jesus more demandingly imposes an obligation to confer goods on another.
Can we estimate the total annual numbers of lynching victims for all thirty-six provinces of Indonesia in this ten-year period (and even more demandingly, for all provinces for a longer period)?
The federated player is one who plays demandingly, assiduously and within the framework of an organisation that regulates competencies, while the mere amateur does not fulfil these characteristics.
Martin Jol is a shrewd manager and will not push his young charge too demandingly or too prematurely and within a few years I predict Wales will have the finest defender in Europe.
As Jesse's story of autistic withdrawal and potential reorganization demonstrates, neurologically-based human identity is demandingly integrative, potentially dynamic, and essentially narrative.
In particular, should we push beyond the authors and even ask more demandingly, if humbly, if the question--What is education?--is a misguided query?
Another show with a demandingly diverse score, but Bogner delivered expertly.
Word soon got out that the young company was doing exciting work, and that Oakley himself would one day take the theatrical world by storm--not only for his demandingly physical, often shocking productions, but also for the plays (notably a "Frankenstein" adaptation) he churned out between umpteen other tasks.
To qualify on this table Soldiers had to hit 24 out of 48, which is not demandingly difficult; however, after this range Soldiers' confidence in their rifles skyrocketed.
Zena was attractive and had a Circe-like character, so that many men fell for her, including William Walton and Eugene Goossens, but none, in the event, wished to marry her, owing perhaps to an aggressive streak in her character and her highly developed and demandingly sensual appetite.
8930 and the courts have demandingly applied the "discovery test." This discovery test requires that research be "undertaken to obtain knowledge that exceeds, expands, or refines the common knowledge of skilled professionals in a particular field of science or engineering." (32) The 2001 Proposed Regulations removed the requirement of exceeding, expanding, or refining the common knowledge of skilled professionals in a particular field of science or engineering.