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Synonyms for demanding

Synonyms for demanding

Antonyms for demanding

requiring more than usually expected or thought due

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Customers are demanding more, and this new transformed supply chain helps a company respond to more consumer demands.
The entrepreneurial classes are demanding new, cost-cutting, efficiency-enhancing technologies as soon as these are shown to be posible and before benchmarks for their potential supply can be established.
The initial reaction has been extremely favorable, however, since this will be a very high-level group with a good deal of personal interaction, our intention is to keep membership exclusive with fairly demanding membership criteria," O'Grady said.
While we evolve to meet the needs of our customers, we accept these awards as a true testament to our flexibility and responsiveness in today's competitive and demanding global environment.
Valdero's applications provide functionality that integrates inventory visibility from manufacturing sites, Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) sites and distribution centers and intelligently matches this supply with actual demand and Point Of Sale (POS) data from channel partners to streamline the order fulfillment process resulting in strong relationships with demanding customers.