demand deposit

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a bank deposit from which withdrawals can be made without notice

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Philadelphia National Bank and was subsequently supported by numerous case studies in specific areas of the country.(1) In its decision, the Supreme Court determined that in banking cases the product line for antitrust purposes was that offered by commercial banks; only institutions offering the full "cluster" of bank services thus defined-including demand deposits and commercial loans-belonged in bank markets.
Speaking at the Legislative Yuan, Chou noted that the hot money now resides on the island in the forms of demand deposits, government bonds, or guarantee fund for securities borrowing, rather than its legitimate usage of securities investment.
Assume that the homeowner deposits some funds (a paycheck, for example) into a demand deposit account on the first day of a typical month.
Taipei, June 6, 2012 (CENS)--With economic slowdown to likely to result from the worsening European debt crisis, people in Taiwan seem to have recently transferred their demand deposits to time deposits.
(M1B consists mainly of currency in circulation plus demand deposit, while M2 equals M1B plus time deposit.)
Section 221 would allow nonbank banks to offer business credit cards, even when these business loans are funded by insured demand deposits. Section 222 would liberalize the divestiture requirements that apply when companies violate the nonbank bank operating limitations.
Demand deposits decreased by 66.5 million GEL (0.9 percent; exchange rate effect excluded volume of demand deposits decreased by 0.5 percent).
at RO3,785.9 million, savings deposits of RO4,461.2 million and demand deposits of RO3,726.3 million.
The monthly statistical bulletin published by the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) pointed out that the gross value for these deposits as of the end of November 2014 includes the time deposits stood at OMR3,228.8 million, OMR3,913.3 million saving deposits and OMR3,881.5 million on demand deposits. The bulletin pointed out that the total value for these deposits stood at OMR11,155.5 million that include OMR10,319.5 million and OMR836 million in foreign currencies.
Chen pointed out that so long as the stock market improves, funds will return to demand deposits, boosting M1B growth.
The balance of demand deposits rose 0.9 percent to 407.4 trillion yen, the sharpest growth since October 2006.
1405 to allow the payment of interest on demand deposits and on the required reserve balances of depositories at the Federal Reserve.