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impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace

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Maybe demagogy covering the naming of historical khanates and states in Caucasus has been circulating for so long that made some unable to differentiate between black and white?
And this is the exact fact which the AKP is trying to veil through demagogy.
Racial dog whistles, demagogy on abortion and so on would be rolled out during election years, then put back into storage while the Republican Party focused on its real business of enabling shadow banking and cutting top tax rates.
When Al-Assir found himself at the center of Lebanese and regional attention, he exposed his demagogy against the leaders of his Sunni sect.
The excessive demagogy and other antics that have since unfolded exposed the hollow nature of the opposition.
Furthermore, what has happened in Spain has also taken place in Ireland, Portugal, Italy, and even in countries which, like Greece, until now represented the paradigm of social laxity, the lack of budget rigor, and political demagogy.
The Greens' Yiorgos Perdikis charged that the decision to hold a plenary discussion, instead of coming up with proposals for the salvation of the Cyprus Airways, constituted unjustified demagogy.
Here, another of Lukics's observations fit: that tradition and history--contentious issues within the UAE's cultural discourses owing to the nation's recent and rapid growth since the 1970s--can become eroded by capitalism, a process in which worldviews, cultural aspirations, tastes, and moral judgments grow less certain, giving demagogy a foothold.
With master-like demagogy, he said that neither him nor Zaev are suitable for this position but Pendarovski, who exceeds the frames of the party.
Surprisingly, evidence for demagogy of this practice is conspicuously absent in medical literature.
On the other hand, she adds, we are witnesses of a major demagogy by the EU.
We are at a crossroad a to continue to build a more efficient and safe Europe, or close our doors and set on the path of demagogy and populism," Daul stated.
I think that we need to speak openly in the European Council about the need for a code of conduct for leaders in Europe, focused on how they speak in public" because "in this period plagued by demagogy and populism, the last thing we need is for national leaders to criticise decisions taken in Brussels, when they are the ones who have adopted these decisions".
This has been Iran's case with the revolutions of the Arab Spring whereby Tehran quickly considered that these revolutions are an "Iranian copy", even though the people concerned with these revolutions had declared that they had nothing to do with Iran and even though they focused on minding their countries' own domestic affairs away from the demagogy that characterizes the speeches of the Iranian officials.