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the process of removing magnetization

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Demagnetization is caused by the operating point entering the irreversible flux loss range due to B-H curve ranges reduced by temperature or to the anti-magnetic field generated by electric current from the stator.
It usually becomes price and performance competitive in the temperature range between 150[degrees]C and 180[degrees]C, where the use of NdFeB becomes problematic due to the risk of demagnetization.
During the magnetization and demagnetization processes under a magnetic field of the magnetic refrigeration cycle the energy dissipation occurs in the form of heat source and sink(conjugate boundary condition).
Thermal demagnetization (80[degrees]C-560[degrees]C) was carried out using the MAVACS (Magnetic Vacuum Control System; Pnhoda et al.
Moreover, the magnitude of the stator flux (and respectively the maximum admissible current amplitude) has to be kept inside a hysteresis bound around a time-invariant reference value such that demagnetization and saturation are avoided.
During an MRI, Synchrony's magnet freely rotates and self-aligns within its titanium housing, greatly reducing implant torque and the risk of demagnetization during MRI scans.
z] are the demagnetization factor for x, y, and z directions, respectively.
In a magnetic refrigeration cycle, magnetization corresponds to adiabatic compression and demagnetization corresponds to adiabatic expansion.
With these results, we can analyze the armature reaction and the DC excitation current effects in the demagnetization risk of the magnets.
This can be explained by postulating the existence of a "dead magnetic" layer due to the demagnetization of the surface spins when the size of the sample is in nano-region, which causes a reduction of Ms [47].
Samarium-cobalt (SmCo) magnets have the highest known resistance to demagnetization.
Asynchronous motors do not suffer from demagnetization from overheating.
Naval civilian research facilities for demagnetization and mines center in Institute 710, in Yichang.
As the electromagnets are not definitely independent, the magnetic flux produced by the command coils flows through the permanent magnet, existing the peril of its demagnetization.
Depolarization, demagnetization, thermal expansion, exchange, nonequilibrium, and anisotropy interactions can influence the dipole orientations and therefore the fields and the internal energy.