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Synonyms for demagnetisation

the process of removing magnetization

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It has high resistance to demagnetisation, high magnetism and better resistance to temperature and corrosion.
However, Brunhes normal overprinting of an originally reversed CRM is not always successfully removed by alternating field demagnetisation (the laboratory procedure used for most of the samples discussed here), which implies that the true position of the B/M transition may lie higher in the sections.
It was found that during routine use of 3T MRI machines at angles above 80A[bar], demagnetisation reached an unacceptable level.
But the risk of demagnetisation, less powerful and high cost were the problems with these conventional magnets.
The pilot plant will be divided into two modules: the first shreds the HDD and detects and extracts NdFeB magnets; the second includes demagnetisation, size reduction and screening, and purification by magnetic separation, producing a powder.
These parts are especially suitable for free-wheeling, clamping, snubbing and demagnetisation functions in power supplies and other power-switching applications.