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Synonyms for delusive

tending to deceive; of the nature of an illusion

tending to lead one into error

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

Synonyms for delusive

inappropriate to reality or facts


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The Guise is entirely unrepentant, still delusively at ease with the crimes he has committed and, by impugning the quality of his assassins, willing even at the moment of death to perpetuate the rhetoric of antic humor that he espoused as an assailant and now preserves as a victim.
As [Robert] pushes blindly, with the absurdly and pathetically few resources he has, toward the male homosocial mastery that alone and delusively seem to promise him a social standing, the psychologized homophobic struggle inside him seems to hollow out an internal space that too exactly matches the world around him (114).
While he is not in any straightforward way an opportunist, and genuinely if delusively believes himself to be a man of principle, the fact is that going to war with Mr.
Her pal Tara (Nicholle Tom) is another Hollywood archetype, the industry nobody toiling in obscurity at a production company yet delusively expecting so much more.
Her intellectual growth is marked by a sequence of gradated challenges to Sam's delusively benign self-image.
Hamlet does not trust the ghost because its message corresponds so closely to his revolt of sense against the new order, because its theatrical spectacle seems to authorize a reversion to forms of identity and conduct that, in promising a way out of despair of meaning, may be delusively self-destructive, and so correspond to what Horatio warns against--the possibility of the ghost "tempt[ing]" Hamlet "toward the flood" or "assum[ing] some other horrible form / Which might deprive [him] of reason" (I.