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Synonyms for delusive

tending to deceive; of the nature of an illusion

tending to lead one into error

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

Synonyms for delusive

inappropriate to reality or facts


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Though the world they inhabit is a treacherous scene of delusive beauty, they must endure its reality together, reinforcing their solidarity with one another.
When some critics dismissed his jewelry as frivolous, the artist remarked that they were "Delusive! The Daliacute jewels are totally serious.
* Differences in voice types, age, or gender elicit a delusive exchange between instructor and student.
In a press release, the MWL refuted the delusive allegations that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia authorities have barred Syrian nationality holders from performing Hajj and Umra.
In fact, Ekiti state that had commenced ascent to greatness under Fayemi's watch, took a steep descent into the dark abyss due to Fayose's lackluster and delusive government that took unemployment, excruciating poverty, marginalisation and social exclusion to unimaginable heights.
The experience of enduring things is a delusive result of imagining things to have a universal character when actually they are merely grouped together according to our desires by means of their exclusion from things that do not fulfill our purposes.
Until the quantity of imported sugar mostly white is reduced or the majority opt for brown sugar, many Kenyans will continue to put more spoonfuls in our tea in pursuit of that elusive, delusive taste.Mr Awino, a member of Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK), is a sugar expert based in western Kenya.
Ala was speaking at the Conference on Chemical Disarmament in Geneva, noting that those attempts came as part of a systematic delusive campaign serving narrow political interests with the aim of instigating public opinion against Syria and hindering the progress made in reaching a political solution.
Despair is even the deep conviction that any hope is delusive, vain, and self-destructive.
The news of VAT has rolled out in the UAE, and it has sparked a delusive paranoia among laymen that it will be heavy on the pocket.
The seemingly liberating dream of hopping off the modernist machine, bringing it to a standstill or smashing it into pieces in order to step into new horizons is caught within an onto-teleological forgetfulness and is thus itself highly contaminated by a delusive accelerationist discourse, coupled to a measured, linear and enclosed understanding of time-space.
Rawalpindi/Lahore/Bhakkar/Multan -- With the loadshedding rising to over 12 hours in various areas of Pakistan, the claims made by PML (N) leadership during election campaign 2013 are proving tall and delusive.
Any person that circumvents the protocol address of the internet by using a delusive address or an address belonging to others or by any other means for the purpose of committing a crime or preventing its discovery shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine not less than (AED 150.000) and not exceeding (AED 500.000) or by any of these punishments.
An emphasis on self-restraint, not to mention moral purity, would come to be seen as "delusive, neurotic, wayward" and thus in need of a thorough "rationalization" and "dissolution." Kolnai foresaw that the Catholic positions on divorce, contraceptives, and abortion would become unintelligible to those who have succumbed to a humanitarian ethos (and would even be seen as "revolting and scandalous" rather than "too lofty and rigorous").
The Supreme Leader pointed to the situation in Yemen and the daily bombardment of people's houses, hospitals, mosques and infrastructures, and said, "The aggressor should abandon aggression and the Muslim World should also punish the aggressor who has attacked the Yemeni people for a delusive reason."